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7 Seconds At Svitak’s Ramp With Dave Hackett

02.15.2013 //

Check out Dave Hackett on his 52nd birthday ripping up Svitak’s mini-ramp for this episode of 7 Seconds at Svitak’s ramp. Yeah Dave!

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Jamie Thomas Knows Thunder Trucks Commercial

02.15.2013 //

Check out the behind the ad footage from Jamie Thomas’ newest ad for Thunder Trucks.

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Vans John Cardiel Week Day 5: Five Favorites

02.15.2013 //

Vans finishes their week with Cardiel with his Five Favorites.

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Dave Bachinksy at FKD Park

02.15.2013 //

Dave Bachinksy hits Syndrome park, home of FKD Bearings.

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02.15.2013 //

Bones just posted their new full length video New Ground. Check out parts from Ben Raybourn, Jared Huss, Trent McClung, Trevor McClung, Evan Smith, MOOSE, Josh Hawkins, Aldrin Garcia, Jordan Hoffart, JAWS, Dakota Servold, Chris Joslin, David Gravette, Chris Haslam, Ryan Dezenzo, Kevin Kowalski, Brad McClain, Matt Berger, Kevin Romar, and many more.

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SUPRA The Lil Wayne Vice Pack

02.15.2013 //

SUPRA announces the release of the Lil Wayne Vice pack: three different SUPRA silhouettes drowning in colorful depictions of some inspiring indulgences. Click through for the video and more info.

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Vans John Cardiel Week Day 4: Patrick O’Dell Interview

02.15.2013 //

Vans continues their week with Cardiel with an interview with Epicly Later’d’s Patrick O’Dell.


asmith photos: LA Randoms

02.14.2013 //

Aaron Smith brings you a couple photos of two Los Angeles up and comers.

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Eric Dressen Part 5 of 5 Epicly Later’d

02.14.2013 //

Check out the conclusion of Eric Dressen’s Epicly Later’d series where Eric talks about the dark years of the mid 2000s, getting back on Santa Cruz and the origins of the Salad grind. Fuck yeah Eric!

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Neff in the park with Derrick Wilson

02.14.2013 //

Derrick Wilson his Long Beach park with Neff.

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ScumCo & Sons Presents Road to the Riches

02.14.2013 //

Our homies at Scumco & Sons just posted a sick little eight minute video of some of that raw East Coast shredding we all love. Check it it out.

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Shuriken X Jimbo Witch Doctor Board

02.14.2013 //

Shuriken Shannon talks about his new deck for Santa Cruz’s 40th Anniversary and takes it for a ride at the skatepark and in the streets of S.C.