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A WELCOME weekend in AZ

01.07.2013 //

Welcome Skateboards spent a weekend in Arizona and came back with this cool video.

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In Focus with Arto Saari

01.07.2013 //

Check out this rad video with Arto Saari talking about his photography.

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Landshark Wheels Shark Attack At Pacific Park with Danny Tumia

01.04.2013 //

Landshark Wheels has a gnarly video with Danny Tumia at Pacific Park.

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Brad Cromer HUF Commercial

01.04.2013 //

HUF has a sick commercial featuring Brad Cromer. Click through to see the shredding.

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World Industries Learning Curve with Derek Fukuhara Switch Backside 180

01.04.2013 //

World pro Derek Fukuhara teaches you how to do proper switch backside 180s in this Learning Curve video.


Imperial Motion Welcomes Justin Strubing

01.04.2013 //

Imperial Motion continues adding to their team with their newest pro Justin Strubing. Check out his ad inside.

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HEX 2013 Spring Lookbook

01.04.2013 //

HEX bags has a rad video for their 2013 Sprint Lookbook. Check it out inside.

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Toy Machine Goes Country Episode 6

01.04.2013 //

Check out Toy Machine’s third Ride Channel episode of their ‘Toy Machine Goes Country Tour’ featuring Leo Romero, Josh Harmony, Collin Provost, Daniel Lutheran, Ryan Spencer, Blake Carpenter and Dakota Servold. Good shit.

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Pretty Sweet Lost & Filmed with Chris Roberts

01.04.2013 //

Chris Roberts has a few unused clips in the newest Pretty Sweet Lost and Filmed video.


Raiders of the Archives: Jacob Rosenberg Part 4 of 4

01.03.2013 //

Check out this Raiders of the Archives 4 of 4 with Jacob Rosenberg, director of the newly released “Waiting For Lightning” documentary about Danny Way. Jacob is also known for helping film legendary skate videos like Plan B’s “Questionable” “Virtual Reality” & “Second Hand Smoke” to name a few. Bonus photos of some classic Gonz boards too.


Skateboarder Magazine’s New Balance Numeric Sneak Peak Photos

01.03.2013 //

Check out these photos of the much anticipated line of New Balance Numeric skate shoes that will be produced through Jamie Thomas’ Black Box Distribution.


asmith photos: Best of 2012 Part 2

01.03.2013 //

Aaron Smith brings you the second half of his “Best of 2012″ photo post. Click through to see the rest of the photos in chronological order. There’s a few photos in there we promise you haven’t seen yet.