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Dakine Skate Team at Unheard Mini-ramp

05.17.2013 //

Check out Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Willis Kimbel and Steven Reeves destroy the Unheard Dist. mini-ramp for Dakine.

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Heroin Skateboards Video Nasty Trailer

05.17.2013 //

The new video project from Heroin Skateboards, Video Nasty, is nearly done. Check the first trailer inside.

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Tiltmode Episodes: Zack Wallin

05.17.2013 //

Zack Wallin is the first of the Tiltmode Episodes and this part is definitely an enjoyable watch.

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Creature Summer ’13 Catalog and Video

05.17.2013 //

Creature Summer Rehabilitation Program video Part 2 and Summer ’13 catalog!


Blow’n Up The Spot with Ben Raybourn

05.17.2013 //

Ben Raybourn skates an extremely sick backyard DIY spot in this episode of Blow’n Up the Spot from Strangenotes.


asmith photos: Mikey Taylor Forest Rail Day

05.17.2013 //

Aaron Smith brings you the story behind Mikey Taylor’s middle of the forest front feeble photo.

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Brian Anderson leaves Girl Skateboards

05.16.2013 //

Something tells me this isn’t going to be the last letter similar to this from a professional skateboarder this year.


Cuates fun pack from Eswic

05.16.2013 //

The Cuates fun pack includes a Cuates shirt, their album, and a sticker exclusively from the bros at Eswic.

Kickflip front board

Skateboarder Magazine Dec/Jan 2012-13 Issue – Zen and the Art of Cat Herding

05.16.2013 //

Zen and the Art of Cat Herding: Toy Machine’s annual trek to North Carolina from our Dec/Jan 2012-13 issue.


OJ Wheels Summer 2013 Catalog

05.16.2013 //

OJ Wheels just dropped their Summer ’13 catalog and it’s full of the juiciest new OJ wheels to date. Head to their site for the full catalog.


Andrew Reynolds at Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening

05.16.2013 //

Andrew Reynolds and the Emerica crew will be heading to Florida to celebrate the opening of a new skatepark in Andrew’s hometown of Lakeland.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 9.13.53 AM

Skateboarder Magazine Warm Up With Sierra Fellers

05.16.2013 //

Sierra Fellers warms up at Malto’s indoor KC park.

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