Memory Screened | Chris Pastras

07.17.2009 //

1. World Industries “Dune” (1990) “This is my first board. Rocco turned me and Randy Colvin pro kind of on a dime. Mike V had just left, so I think Steve didn’t really know who else to give a board to. The nickname Dune, Rodney [Smith] came up with it. I used to do imitations […]


Who's Hot | John Kroesser

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Cityscape | Long Island

07.16.2009 //

NATIVE SONS Anthony Pappalardo, Gino Iannucci, Matt Bell, Frank Gerwer, Dan Pheos, Chris Corso, Dan Finklestein, Jimmy Pelitier, Mike Lent, Scott Sutherland, Mike Fusch, Dan Howe, Billy Lynch, Brett Conti, Lou Rivera, James Rerez, Chad Caruso, Sean Kreamer, Marchello Iaboni, Dan Unger, Dan King, Mike Regan GETTING AROUND Well, it’s not like Manhattan. Having a […]


Face Off | Angel Ramirez and Nick Trapasso

07.16.2009 //


Haunts | Steve Nesser

07.16.2009 //

Familia Skateboard Shop 1. This is the skateshop me and a few homies started in ’04. It’s been an awesome adventure and it gives me something to do when I’m home and a place to make things happen for the Twin City skate scene. Skateboarding is a family. Come through and check us out if […]


And Another Thing | Theotis Beasley

07.16.2009 //

“I don’t know why, but I’m always happy for some reason.” Average Days I always call my friend Uriel and he comes and picks me up. We go to Hawthorne skatepark and usually just skate around until 9 when the lights get cut off. We’re usually there from 2 till 9, then I’ll head home […]

Tom Asta Goes East No Image

Tom Asta Goes East

07.16.2009 //

Tom Asta went back to the east coast with a broken arm, but has still been filming for ‘Strange World’.


Who's Hot | Austyn Gillete

07.16.2009 //

Dakine's "Tiki Tour" HD Video No Image

Dakine's "Tiki Tour" HD Video

07.15.2009 //

Check out the new “TIKI TOUR” HD videos at, featuring Brent Atchley, Sierra Fellers, Chris Haslam, and Paul Machnau on a two-week tour of Oahu and Maui, Hawai’i, where Dakine was founded. Download the iPod version and watch it anytime you want!

DC Takes Over The Standard in Downtown LA No Image

DC Takes Over The Standard in Downtown LA

07.15.2009 //

DC TAKES OVER THE STANDARD, DOWNTOWN LA THE GOLD STANDARD IS BACK – BIGGER AND BETTER July 15, 2009 – Vista, CA – For the second consecutive year DC will officially takeover The Standard, Downtown LA from July 30 – August 2 for The Gold Standard 2009. Conceived by DC, The Gold Standard 2009 is […]

Willow's Etnies Footage No Image

Willow's Etnies Footage

07.15.2009 //

Etnies interrupts their intense Maloof coverage for three minutes of shredding from their European team rider, Willow.

Liberty's SoCal to San Fran Video Clip No Image

Liberty's SoCal to San Fran Video Clip

07.15.2009 //

Check out footage from Ben Paulsrud and Stephen Nunez as they skate between Socal and San Fran. This is the type of stuff that makes you want to go out, explore and skate. More at