New Foundation Rider No Image

New Foundation Rider

07.15.2009 //

Foundation is proud to announce that Nick Merlino is their newest team rider on Foundation. His intro ad’s are getting turned in this week, so stay posted! Nick also rides for Dekline, Pig, and Destructo.

Supra Footwear News No Image

Supra Footwear News

07.15.2009 //

Lizard sells his soul to Supra. Check out the video on

Maloof Money Cup Official Afterparty Photos No Image

Maloof Money Cup Official Afterparty Photos

07.15.2009 //

Photos by: Matthew Simmons Sierra Fellers showed up with Zach Warren Kurtis Colamonico ready to kick it. This was by far Adam Dyet’s best trick. Ryan and his sidekick Tony with Malcolm McCassy The life of Ryan must be pretty tough. Lutzka with his new kicks posing with Lauren Perkins The retired Jereme Rogers and […]


Maloof Portraits

07.15.2009 //

Photos by: Griffin Collins

Jart’s Basque Country Tour No Image

Jart’s Basque Country Tour

07.14.2009 //

Enjoy the latest from Jart Skateboards as the team has been filming in the Basque country during the month of June.

Fallen Team in Minneapolis, Minnesota No Image

Fallen Team in Minneapolis, Minnesota

07.14.2009 //

Check out the footage of the Fallen Team in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Zumiez Couch Tour.


The Tuesday 25 with Andrew Brophy

07.14.2009 //

1. City for skating: London, Barcelona, Melbourne, San Fran. 2. Pro skater when you were a kid: Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Huf, Brian Anderson 3. Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp 4. Band/musician: like them all 5. skate park: Prahran in Melbourne! other than that, the streets 6. Beverage: water or beer 7. non skate activity: fishing 8. […]

Quiksilver Skateboarding Presents CoolMax Denim No Image

Quiksilver Skateboarding Presents CoolMax Denim

07.14.2009 //

(Huntington Beach, CA), July 14, 2009 – Skateboarders Reese Forbes, Alex Olson and Danny Garcia, teamed up with Quiksilver to create a collection of skate-engineered denim. Their three signature styles are now available on and in skate shops. Any guy knows that a long day of skating leaves you uncomfortable and sweaty. Thats why […]

Windells Gets Accredited No Image

Windells Gets Accredited

07.14.2009 //

WINDELLS ACCREDITED, NOW OFFERING YEAR-ROUND RIDING AND EDUCATION Windells Academy offers educational instruction, personalized tutoring, action sports coaching and unparalled facilities. MT HOOD, OR – July 2009 – The funnest place on earth, just became the smartest place on earth. Windells camp is now offering high school classes, along with professional coaching, in the inaugural […]

Maloof Heat Two Rincon Highlights No Image

Maloof Heat Two Rincon Highlights

07.14.2009 //

Check out the video highlights from the second heat at the Rincon section of the 2009 Maloof Money Cup.

More Maloof Coverage! No Image

More Maloof Coverage!

07.14.2009 //

Check out more photos from the 2009 Maloof Money Cup Finals. Photos by: Heverton Ribeiro The girls killed it. Snoop Dogg in the house. Kobe Bryant should’ve brought the Laker girls. Sean Maltshake destroying the handrail. Vert’s making a comeback. T-puds with a backside noseblunt Winners.


More Maloof Bloggings

07.14.2009 //

Long Sun Damaging WeekendPosted by John Bradford A whole weekend in the sun and a few professional skaters took home some serious amounts of cash. Everyone who was skating was asked what they would do with the 100K first place check, one of the most entertaining of which was Terry Kennedy’s one word “Lamborghini” response. […]