Andy Macdonald Joins VedaloHD Sunglasses

06.05.2009 //

Skateboarding Legend, Andy Mac endorses VedaloHD Sunglasses VedaloHD is proud to announce that Andy Macdonald, the 8 time World Cup Skateboarding prodigy is now “flying the Vedalo wings”. Known to fans as “Andy Mac”, Andy is without a doubt one of the best skateboarders to ever take on the sport having collected 17 X Games […]

The Jimmy Carlin Experience No Image

The Jimmy Carlin Experience

06.04.2009 //

Follow Jimmy Carlin in his travel experience to Wallenberg.


Other Peoples Posts

06.04.2009 //

Down with OPP???Posted by John Bradford When film maker Kirk Dianda isn’t busy putting the finishing touches on Make it Count, He keeps a blog called Other Peoples Posts. Its an intersection of blog posts from different sources that Kirk thinks are worthy of being compiled in one place for your viewing pleasure… Click here […]


DC-Josh Kalis Giveaway

06.04.2009 //


Vans Off The Wall Book Now Shipping

06.03.2009 //

VANS OFF THE WALL BOOK NOW SHIPPING It’s been talked about for many years and now is finally coming to life. On June 1, Vans released its first-ever book, Vans: Off the Wall, featuring 20-some-odd stories that collectively tell the story of the brand: from Rowley to Warped Tour, from Customs to Joel Tudor, from […]

Quiksilver The Spot Video No Image

Quiksilver The Spot Video

06.03.2009 //

Quiksilver show’s off their take on the skate video featuring Reese Forbes, Alex Olson, Tony Hawk, Kyle Leeper, and Danny Garcia

China is not for the squeemish… No Image

China is not for the squeemish…

06.02.2009 //

Fish head in a Chinese marketplacePosted by John Bradford I was going through my camera after a recent trip to China and found this little gem. A still breathing fish head next to a de-shelled turtle. Danny said “look, its still trying to swim away…”


The Tuesday 25 with Raymond Molinar

06.02.2009 //

1.City for skating San Francisco 2.Skate video Mouse, Photosynthesis and Quim Cardona in Real’s Non-Fiction 3.skatepark My old box across the street from my parents’ house in Riverside. 4. Vacation Destination Yellowstone National Park. 5. movie the Wrestler 6. Skate Rapper whatever works. 7. Warm Up Spot Fort Miley 8. Partner in crime No one […]

Mark Gonzales Day In The Life No Image

Mark Gonzales Day In The Life

06.02.2009 //

Follow through a day in the life Fourstar’s very own Mark Gonzales.

Black Water Trailer No Image

Black Water Trailer

06.02.2009 //

Square Films and 2nd Nature bring you Black Water, a film about 10 skaters
on a 2 week trip around the country. The video features the likes of Lurker
Lou, Alex Mosley, Fig, Doug Brown, Luke Malaney, Jose Pereya, JT Gleason and
Dylan James. For more information visit

Malto and Etnies Host Go Skateboarding Day Event No Image

Malto and Etnies Host Go Skateboarding Day Event

06.02.2009 //

Malto hosts Go Skateboarding Day Event with Etnies team at Penn Valley Skatepark in Kansas City. Be sure to check this out if you’re in the area. Judges include Sean Malto, Kyle Leeper, Devine Calloway, Mikey Taylor and Jose Rojo.


Austin Stephens' New Apartment!!!

06.01.2009 //

Austin Stephens’ new apartment…Posted by John Bradford Austin Stephens decided to move recently and it turned into a huge fiasco. Once he found an apartment he though he liked, he was only shown the property once before signing the lease, and the previous renters still had all their stuff in it. The 1st of the […]