Austin Stephens' New Apartment!!!

06.01.2009 //

Austin Stephens’ new apartment…Posted by John Bradford Austin Stephens decided to move recently and it turned into a huge fiasco. Once he found an apartment he though he liked, he was only shown the property once before signing the lease, and the previous renters still had all their stuff in it. The 1st of the […]

Gilbert Crockett and Tom Asta Ditch Skating No Image

Gilbert Crockett and Tom Asta Ditch Skating

06.01.2009 //

Some ditch skating with Gilbert Crockett and Tom Asta. With special guests Mike Gilbert, Mike Burnett, Mike Sinclair, and Jimmy Carlin.

Zero Takes Over the Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu No Image

Zero Takes Over the Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu

06.01.2009 //

The Zero crew crew left on a whim with intentions of heading north. Somewhere along the line things went sour in the navigating department and we ended up in the desert.

Sacrificial Hamb No Image

Sacrificial Hamb

06.01.2009 //

Mike Chin, Ryan Casado, and Atchley headed to the coast in search of sacrificial virgins at Red’s lair.

Hi Fi Introduces Zach Lyons No Image

Hi Fi Introduces Zach Lyons

05.29.2009 //

HIFI Wheels is proud to introduce Zach Lyons to the team. Check out Zach’s hilarious intro video here that Rory Sheridan and Zach put together.


Real x Val Surf

05.29.2009 //

Be a part of the next Lost Days Episode at Val Surf/Valencia. REAL SKATEBOARDS


Make It Count – The Element Story

05.29.2009 //

On August 1st, 2009, Element will release MAKE IT COUNT – The Element Story. MAKE IT COUNT showcases Element’s defining moments and will delve into it’s compelling story. From it’s humble beginnings, to a forward thinking global brand. The full length film will release for free on the Element site. Leading up to the release, […]

DGK Dwayne Warm Ups in ATL No Image

DGK Dwayne Warm Ups in ATL

05.29.2009 //

D-Wayne’s warm up for the big show at the foundation in ATL.

Zach Lyons TV Episode 3.5 No Image

Zach Lyons TV Episode 3.5

05.29.2009 //

Since the last episode of ZACH TV wasn’t very skate heavy, Organika decided to put out the lost clips from EP 3! Complete with Zach and the Mom cam, Superman, and pro skater Bobby Worrest!

Fallen Nor Cal Tour Video No Image

Fallen Nor Cal Tour Video

05.28.2009 //

Follow the Fallen crew as they trek through Northern California for demos and signings while living off 7-11.


The North County Invitational

05.28.2009 //

Cal’s Pharmacy presents ‘The North County Invitational’ June 5th featuring Russ Pope, Andy Jenkins, Clint Peterson, Jason Lee, and much more.


Neff Signs Tony Tave

05.28.2009 //

Neff welcomes Pro Skater Tony Tave to the Neff Crew. He joins Braydon Szafranski, Adam Dyet, and Jordan Hoffart to complete the Neff team. Tony Tave was born March 23, 1987 and now resides in San Clemente California. Neff is currently working on Tave’s signature Neff skate hat which will be seen in stores soon, […]