Ben Raybourn Turns Pro

05.11.2009 //

Ben Raybourn is PRO!!!! Thats right jerks! At just a few months shy of his 17th birthday, Ben will now be able to buy an extra pack of sour patch kids at the store. So there you go. Now all you skate nerds can start the gossip, you just better stay out of Bens way […]

Charles Collet Turns Pro No Image

Charles Collet Turns Pro

05.11.2009 //

Cliche Skateboards is proud to welcome Charles Collet to the Pro ranks.


CCS x Girl/Rick Howard contest

05.11.2009 //

“My Girl Contest” Here’s your chance to have your own design made into a Girl Skateboards X CCS exclusive T-shirt! Girl Pro and CCS Team Rider, Rick Howard, will be picking his favorite fan-submitted graphic to turn into a Girl Skateboards T-Shirt, available only at CCS. Send your own original “My Girl” T-shirt graphic to […]


DC Self-Film Self-Edit Contest

05.11.2009 //

DC SKATEBOARDING LAUNCHES THE SELF-FILM, SELF-EDIT CONTEST VISTA, CA—DC SHOES Skateboarding’s Self- Film, Self- Edit Contest went live Friday on The online contest gives skateboarders the chance to film, star in, edit and upload their own skate video for the chance to win DC product. The contest format requires skateboarders to film themselves skateboarding. […]

Etnies Arizona Recognition Tour '08 No Image

Etnies Arizona Recognition Tour '08

05.11.2009 //

Footage of Leeper, Mikey, Malto, Tyler and crew in Arizona from the Etnies Recognition Tour in ’08.

Ethan Fitzpatrick skates the Black Box warehouse No Image

Ethan Fitzpatrick skates the Black Box warehouse

05.11.2009 //

Fallen team rider, Ehtan Fitzpatrick takes work at Black Box to another level.


Another day in China

05.11.2009 //

Habitat still in China… Posted by John Bradford Not much to do here but skate all day. Austyn goes on a mission to order a suit, and we bought a bunch of bootleg DVD’s… thats about it.


Happy Birthday DUDE!!!

05.10.2009 //

Ricki Bedenbaugh celebrates age!!!Posted by John Bradford Happy Birthday to a dear friend. Never forget Summer ’06!!! Check his BLOG to see what he ended up doing on his big day… My guess is it involved motorcycles and the Pike.


New Habitat Website

05.10.2009 //

New Habitat site is up and runningPosted by John Bradford Habitat drops its new website. Go HERE to check it out


RVCA promo DVD out now!

05.09.2009 //

RVCA Promo, get yours now!Posted by John Bradford Theres one waiting for me in my mail for when I get home, but if you’re not that lucky run out to your local RVCA dealer and pick one up…

High 5s with Zero TM Greg Robinson No Image

High 5s with Zero TM Greg Robinson

05.08.2009 //

High 5s with Zero Team Manager, Greg Robinson…


Habitat still in China

05.08.2009 //

Guest on trip gets kicked off his board sponsor…Posted by John Bradford Daryl Angel, possibly getting his hand caught in the cookie jar, really only wanted to film a trick he’s been trying to get here in China. It was to be kept quiet that he was even here, but a group photo of everyone […]