Osiris John Lupfer Interview

02.05.2009 //

Head over to OSIRIS for 11 questions with John Lupfer.


Bigfoot Retailer Deal

02.05.2009 //

“The Bigfoot Army Wants YOU!! Bigfoot and his forest cadre would like to give clothing and art retailers the opportunity to get Bigfoot merchandise at wholesale. Drop by Bigfoot’s site BIGFOOT and send him a shout out through the Contact link, mention wholesale opportunities. Spread the Revolution: Join the Bigfoot Army!!”


One Up Em' All Skate Weekend

02.05.2009 //

Pittsburgh’s OneUp skateshop has teamed up with local photographers, filmers and skaters as well as Adidas, J Strickland and Philly’s Nocturnal Skateshop to bring a weekend of entertainment to the Steel City. February 20th Art Photo and Film Show @ OneUp Skateshop with work by: J Strickland, Shane Jessup and Tim Diet 7pm-10pm Presented by […]


The Goat Music Video

02.05.2009 //

Don’t miss your chance to be in The Goat’s music video. For more go to THE GOAT.

Kyle Leeper Skate Clip No Image

Kyle Leeper Skate Clip

02.05.2009 //

Kyle Leeper skates the Etnies park to test out their new HD Nikon D90…


Combat Short Bus Horns Stolen

02.04.2009 //

A reward is up for the Combat Short Bus Horns that were last seen at the Crossroads Retail Show. For more go to C1RCA.

Carl's Jr Saves Rob Dyrdek's Life No Image

Carl's Jr Saves Rob Dyrdek's Life

02.04.2009 //

Rob Dyrdek of MTV’s Fantasy Factory falls from a zip line and narrowly escapes death. The Carl’s Jr. Happy Star saved his life. Dude, Happy Star saved Rob’s life!


Mo Bueno Video premiere

02.03.2009 //

Don’t miss the Mo Bueno Video Premiere at Active Ride Shop this Friday at 7pm. For more head to ACTIVE RIDE SHOP.


Vans "Name The Game" Contest

02.03.2009 //


Kincade 19 No Image

Kincade 19

02.03.2009 //

Kincade 19, just the fun times in between the “real skating”…


Elwood Signing At Brooklyn Projects

02.03.2009 //

Elwood Team signing from 2-4pm at Brooklyn Projects in Echo Park LA. For more head to ELWOOD.


Zach & Walker on Fuel's Daily Habit

02.02.2009 //

Be sure to tune into fuel this Monday February 2nd,2009 and see Zach Lyons and Walker Ryan show the world their newest project “Zach & Walker’s Concrete Jungle”. Showtimes at 6pm and 9pm, with repeats running soon after. For more head to