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ourCaste Announces Launch

04.16.2013 //

Head inside for a few words from our friends at ourCaste on the release of their new brand!

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Kr3w Clips: Australian Kr3w

04.16.2013 //

You read the story, you saw the pictures, now it’s time to watch the video of Bjorn Johnston and the rest of the Australian KR3W tearing it up Down Under.


St. Losers DVD Now Available

04.16.2013 //

There’s something cool about local, independent skate videos and Infinity Skateshop’s “St. Losers” is proof! Click inside for the trailer, some info on the video, and where you can purchase it! It’s pretty rad.

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Raymond Molinar iPhone Clip 2

04.16.2013 //

Raymond Molinar is back again with another iPhone video featuring a grip of heavy hitters including Austyn Gillette, Raymond Molinar, Johan Stuckey, Alex Schmidt, Anthony Schultz and many more! Sit back and enjoy 3 minutes of amazing skateboarding all filmed from Raymond’s iPhone.

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David Gonzalez Trick Mix

04.16.2013 //

You can’t deny how gnarly David Gonzalez is, so anytime he’s putting something out it’s going to be rad. Enjoy this short but sweet clip from CCS featuring David ripping through the Volcom park.


OJ Wheels Spring Blend

04.16.2013 //

Freshly blended by OJ Wheels, this montage features Daniel Shimizu, Clint Peterson, Willy Akers, Mike Long, Ryan Harris, Marius Syvanen, Wes Kremer, Sid Melvin, Alex Horn, and Jon Dickson. Mmmm… pulpy.

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Orchard Breeze On The Rocks

04.16.2013 //

Orchard is one of the many core shops that carry the printed version of our #newskateboarder magazine out in the Boston area. They just released this rad commercial of them skating a bunch of rock spots and it’s pretty sick. If you’re in the area, stop by the shop and pick up a mag!


The Tuesday 25 with Josh Hawkins

04.16.2013 //

Hailing from Arizona, Powell AM Josh Hawkins handles this week’s Tuesday 25. Click over to check out some Q&A and video parts.

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Brendan Keaveny Lurkville Commercial

04.15.2013 //

Watch Brendan Keaveny break his rib on a gnarly double-kink handrail in this “Meet The Lurkers” commercial from Lurkville. Meet The Lurkers is premiering soon, head to their site for premiere dates and more!

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Riley Hawk Shepdawgs Mini Teaser

04.15.2013 //

Shep Dawgs vol. 4 is coming… Here’s Riley Hawk with the first mini teaser.


LRG European Tour Video: Unite Nations

04.15.2013 //

Check out the exclusive LRG European video edit to coincide with our new LRG feature in Apr/May issue entitled Fake Life. Look at the full feature in the new issue here at

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Shaun Gregoire for Destructo

04.14.2013 //

One of the east coast’s hidden treasures, Shaun Gregoire, comes through with a solid 2:30 of footage in this video for Destructo.

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