The Four Horseman

09.02.2008 //

I was in Russia two years ago. It was dark and cold. Actually, it wasn’t too bad considering it was summer. Kenny Reed and I were talking about trips we wanted to do and places we wanted to go. Not an unusual conversation for us. It was then that I first heard of the Trans-Siberian […]


Alphanumeric ASR Opening Party

09.02.2008 //

Join Alphanumeric for the ASR Opening Party at Bar Dynamite on Thursday Sept. 4th Ironmike, Djstyle, Profile of the Upstarts and special guest Freddie Joachim.


Carl Shipman On Stereo Classics Division

09.02.2008 //

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We are proud to welcome original Stereo Pro, Carl Shipman, back to the team. He will be joining Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Matt Rodriguez and Chris Miller on the Stereo Classics Division. Carl was an integral part in making Stereo what it is today and we are happy to see him back […]


Sheckler Wins Bust or Bail

09.01.2008 //

Ryan Sheckler takes 2008 Bust or Bail Event Results: 1. Ryan Sheckler 2. Andrew Reynolds 3. Andrew Langi Sheckler took first with a tre flip, hardflip and backside flip the 16 stair.


Nick Trapasso and Angel Ramirez Turn PRO

08.29.2008 //


Jart ASR Events

08.29.2008 //


Silver Portland Video – P-Rod, Jereme and Chaz!

08.28.2008 //

Watch the video now HERE


Question Authority | Steve Olson

08.28.2008 //

How old were you when you got your first photo in Skateboarder? I was 16 and it was insane. You’re, like, “No way, I’m in Skateboarder.” What did the mag mean to you back then? It gave me a life. Skateboarding gave me a life. Now I’m going to go die—just kidding! Who were you […]


The Question | Craziest Fan Encounter?

08.28.2008 //

Guy Mariano, noseblunt. I went to Burke-Williams Spa and I went in the pools, steam rooms, showers, and then got my massage. A lot of that is naked, by the way. The guy who showed me around there was asking if I needed anything and was, like, “What up, man? I know you’re Guy Mariano. […]

Torey's Dude's Part No Image

Torey's Dude's Part

08.28.2008 //

Check out Torey Pudwill’s section in DVS’s film Dudes Dudes Dudes…


10th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

08.28.2008 //


Grind For Life High Ollie Challenge

08.28.2008 //