Elwood Summer Blue Sale

07.04.2008 //

For more information visit the following: Elwood ClothingRATIONAL ANIMAL


DGK & LRG Curtin Deck

07.03.2008 //

Pumped for Jack Curtin’s new signature jean from LRG we’ll now get amped for his new pro skateboard deck model thanks to the collaboration of LRG and DGK.


Osiris Bowl Jam

07.03.2008 //

Don’t miss the Amish and Quakers throwing down their best against all the pros at the Osiris three sixteen bowl jam in Brandamore, PA!!



07.03.2008 //

Top Pros Battle It Out in Copenhagen DVS’ 2nd annual CPH Pro went down this weekend at the Copenhagen Skatepark in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. For local Danes, international travelers, and the loads of pro skateboarders who made the trip across the pond the contest provided an amazing venue for world-class skateboarding and industry […]


Osiris and Bones Three Sixteen Bowl Jam

07.02.2008 //

For more information go to WWW.THREE16.COM or consult the flyer OSIRIS SHOESBONES WHEELS


HIFI teams additions

07.02.2008 //

HIFI is proud to announce the addition of Ben Gore, Zach Wagner and Nate Broussard to the team. Congrats guys!

Lakai Final Flare DVD No Image

Lakai Final Flare DVD

07.02.2008 //

The Final Flare will be a 3-disk set featuring one HD Blu-ray disk and two standard def disks that include Fully Flared, photo galleries, unused scenes, alternate edits, unused clips, top secret film, tapes from the vault, yo mama’s footage and a 60-minute behind the scenes documentary feature. In stores November 25th.


eS Summer Tour 08

07.02.2008 //

Lake Forest, CA – This Sunday, July 6, 2008, the S team embarks on the first-ever North American tour in the history of the brand. The tour is over six weeks long and covers over 10,000 miles of skateable ground! Come hang out with the team as they roll through your area or follow behind […]


Adio tastes Chile Footage

07.02.2008 //

Check out some fun footage of the Adio boys shredding…if you think it looks familiar than your right because some of the footy was in our latest issue “The Spicy Sound” Adio Tastes Chile. Click here for the QUICKTIME version Click here for the PODCAST


Handy with Shovels Interview

07.02.2008 //

Interlude | Brian Lotti’s Mystery Tune So as you know, Brian Lotti’s new movie, Free Pegasus, just came out. It’s been filmed in Barcelona BUT doesn’t for once consist of an US Attila-style spot invasion. Ever tried to just cruise down there? I know. Crazy, non hammer-oriented, idea. Anyway, I had a little hand in […]


Rick McCrank Avers Collaboration

07.02.2008 //

Grill Session: Dan Murphy No Image

Grill Session: Dan Murphy

07.02.2008 //

See More Skateboarding Videos at Ever wonder if Dan Murphy pisses on his cat? Or why he always wears long sleeve shirts? If so, your stoked on this. Grill Session #20, the Dan Murphy Limited Edition… Watch this interview and much more at VITAL SKATE