Stoked Los Angeles Session No Image

Stoked Los Angeles Session

04.09.2008 //

STOKED SESSIONS OLLIES INTO THE VENICE GRIND GALLERY IN LOS ANGELES FOR ANNUAL BENEFIT ART SHOW CELEBRATING OVER 50 OF LEADING ARTISTS IN THE SKATE, SURF AND STREET ART WORLDS Art Show and Fundraiser Aids At Risk Youth and Brings Together Mentors Los Angeles, Calif. April. 1, 2008 –Stoked Mentoring, a unique non-profit organization that […]


New Alien Workshop photo log

04.08.2008 //

AVE, Jason Dill, Grant Taylor, Dylan Rieder, Omar Salazar, Jake Johnson and Bill Strobeck went to Mexico on a Workshop mission. Check out what got documented on the AWS Filmworks site. AWS FilmworksAWS FilmworksAWS FilmworksAWS FilmworksAWS Filmworks MIND FIELD IS GOING TO BE AWESOME


Emerica Wild Ride Teaser

04.08.2008 //

Emerica’s got a new teaser up for this year’s Wild Ride and Wild in the Streets events to take place this June. Get Wild in the Streets of New York City with the Emerica team on Go Skateboarding Day, June 21, 2008. And leading up to the event, join the team on tour during Emerica’s […]

David Gonzalez Pro No Image

David Gonzalez Pro

04.07.2008 //

What’s somewhat funny is the Santa Cruz blog had this posted before anyone, I believe. Maybe not. But they had it up before a lot of people, us included. Anywho… It’s true, David Gonzalez is the newest professional skateboarder on Flip Skateboards. If they’re willing to give him a pro model prior to the release […]


Brady Bahnch

04.07.2008 //

All right all right. Grab a paper towel and wipe away all that drool from your mouth. I can see that your salivating over that flannel get up Mr. Brady’s got going on, but there are other important things to talk about here. ACCORDING TO AUTOBAHN’S SITEThe Autobahn Wheel Co.

PHX Am Results No Image

PHX Am Results

04.07.2008 //

You want to know the results? Do you? Do you want to know if your buddy, Mr. Flow and so, won big at one of the biggest am events of the year? Hmmmmmmm? Well all right. 1st – Ryan Decenzo 2nd – Chris Ortiz 3rd – Vincent Alvarez 4th – Dustin Blauvelt 5th – Collin […]

Stu Graham Pro Video No Image

Stu Graham Pro Video

04.07.2008 //

Family man, Stu Graham, is now pro for Creature Skateboards, and to celebrate they have issued this commemorative video for your viewing pleasure. Stu’s Strange Notes So go watch it why don’t you. No promo. No promo. Actually, yes, promo. Stu’s Strange NotesStu’s Strange NotesStu’s Strange NotesStu’s Strange NotesStu’s Strange Notes


Deluxe Cardiel Giveaway

04.04.2008 //



Matix goes tropical

04.04.2008 //

A couple of the Matix Ams popped over to Hawaii for some island style grind time. Looks like it was a pretty productive trip despite the short description of the video saying “We skated as much as the weather would allow.” Matix ClothingHAWAII VIDEO Matix ClothingHAWAII VIDEOMatix ClothingHAWAII VIDEOMatix ClothingHAWAII VIDEOMatix ClothingHAWAII VIDEOMatix ClothingHAWAII VIDEO

Rick Klotz interview No Image

Rick Klotz interview

04.04.2008 //

Rick Klotz, founder of the clothing line Freshjive, is hesitant to dub himself the “King of Streetwear,” but he will accept “King of Pranks. With decades of experience in the fashion and retail industry, he has learned that making clothes isn’t necessarily about making a statement. “It’s a f*cking business,” he says, and “no one […]

Vans Skatepark Orange County No Image

Vans Skatepark Orange County

04.04.2008 //

THE VANS SKATEPARK AT THE BLOCK AT ORANGE GETS FACELIFT AS PARK HEADS INTO TENTH YEAR Brand New Street Course Layout and 80-Foot Mini Ramp Part of Renovation to the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA Cypress, CA (April 3, 2008) – After almost 10 great years at The Block at Orange, the Vans Skatepark is […]

Walker Ryan on Organika No Image

Walker Ryan on Organika

04.04.2008 //

Walker Ryan is the newest addition to the Organika crew. It’s about time… Walker Ryan is now officially 100% Organikan. This should come as no suprise if you have been watching, but if you still need some convincing, please check out Walker’s “Welcome to Organika” part. If this is the stuff we want you to […]