Dekline on a Dyet? No Image

Dekline on a Dyet?

02.29.2008 //

In today’s press release from Dekline Footwear, the company announced its latest acquisition of Green Room and Darkstar pro, Adam Dyet. This news comes shortly after the addition of Olly Todd to the Dekline footwear team, which happened less than a month ago. Dyet and Todd join Gareth Stehr, Jason Adams, Mike York, Matt Ball, […]


Florida Bowl Riders Cup

02.29.2008 //

Focus presents "Rise and Shine" No Image

Focus presents "Rise and Shine"

02.29.2008 //

Bobby Worrest: professional skateboarder/ actor No Image

Bobby Worrest: professional skateboarder/ actor

02.28.2008 //

Video deadlines seem to be a breeze for Washington D.C. native, Bobby Worrest. In the past year, he’s pumped out parts for ES Footwear’s “Especial,” Chris Hall’s “Get Familiar,” Krooked Skateboarding’s “Gnar Gnar” and “Gnaughty,” but apparently Worrest just won’t quit. He has returned to sit down at the actor’s studio and flap his gums […]

Mehring battles Rodent No Image

Mehring battles Rodent

02.27.2008 //

Skateboarder Magazine’s Senior Photographer, Jonathan Mehring, faces off against Rodent for the Forgotten City’s “Friend or Foe.” The Forgotten City covers the Washington D.C. area skate scene, offering interviews with skateboarders such as Bobby Worrest and Zach Lyons, amongst others. See what Jon and Rodent have to say about one another here.

Matix Presents Lord of the Lines No Image

Matix Presents Lord of the Lines

02.27.2008 //

Matix Clothing presents its latest installment of the Lord of the Lines contest. The good people at Matix have posted a new video highlighting what went down at their recent skate event. Check that footie, kid.

Element on the grind No Image

Element on the grind

02.27.2008 //

Element Skateboards have redesigned their site, giving it that spring clean look a little early this year. The new site offers all the stock options – team page, news, products – and way more. Check it out and see for In addition to their new site, Element has also revamped their women’s line and […]

Gurrola gets das boot No Image

Gurrola gets das boot

02.27.2008 //

Foundation Skateboards and amateur skateboarder, Tommy Gurrola, have amicably parted ways. Despite his stand out part in Foundation’s most recent video project, Cataclysmic Abyss, the company has decided to let Gurrola go. This was announced last week on Foundation’s website, where they also wished Tommy the best of luck.

Pete Eldridge rips the black box park No Image

Pete Eldridge rips the black box park

02.27.2008 //

Pete Eldridge had a nearly 9 minute long part in the Bootleg video, so who knows what he has in store for rumored Mystery promotional video? His 10 tricks at the black box park show that he hasn’t slowed down at all despite his lengthy lack of a full sponsorship from a board company prior […]

Globe Releases United By Fate Issue 3 No Image

Globe Releases United By Fate Issue 3

02.27.2008 //

United by Fate is Globe’s series of video featuring the antics of their riders while on board. This episode features skating from: Matt Mumford, Jake Duncombe, Mark Appleyard, Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Paul Machnau, Greg Lutzka, and David Gonzalez United by Fate is also featured on Fuel TV if you’d rather watch it on the […]


Philly 2008 Am Contest

02.27.2008 //


Traffic Skateboards to release new video

02.27.2008 //

Traffic Skateboard will release a new video effor by this May. The video, titled “Moving in Traffic,” will be the company’s second video offering in three years. “Moving in Traffic” will feature full-length parts from Jack Sabback and Bobby Puleo who joined up with Traffic shortly after the release of the company’s first video release, […]