Cardiel gets Epicly Later'd No Image

Cardiel gets Epicly Later'd

02.27.2008 //

Patrick O’Dell’s VBS show returns with the 8th installment of the Epicly Laterd show featuring John Cardiel. For his show, Patrick O’Dell features professional skateboarders in a video interview. Normally, the episodes range from 3-5 minutes and come out in about 4 episodes. John Cardiel, however, cannot be contained in a mere 4 episodes, and […]

Adidas relaunches skate site No Image

Adidas relaunches skate site

02.26.2008 //

Adidas has done some renovation to their site. Instead of a simple update, the big budget shoe company has opted to completely redesign their skate site with new team stats and interviews, new footwear and apparel updates, and media galore. The news site features videos of the team’s worldwide travel, documented for your viewing pleasure. […]

Ollie Todd on Dekline No Image

Ollie Todd on Dekline

02.26.2008 //

After an amazing part in Josh Stewart’s Static 3, it’s no wonder that San Diego based Dekline Footwear has decided to add Olly Todd to their squad. In a late February press release, Dekline announced that Todd has joined their eclectic mix of skateboarders. Todd, who formerly rode for Vans, also rides for Krux trucks, […]

Love Affair 16.1 No Image

Love Affair 16.1

02.26.2008 //

411VM’s Love Affair – 411′s The new skate video


Element Late Februrary Press Release

02.26.2008 //

Kris Markovich Joins the Allyance No Image

Kris Markovich Joins the Allyance

02.26.2008 //

The Allyance has added Kris Markovich to its skate team. “I’m psyched to have a new home at Allyance!” states Markovich, who also owns and operates Crimson skateboards. “It’s a good feeling to know you’re with like minded people, not to mention the clothes are amazing! It was time for a change and I can’t […]


Help Chris Nieratko Fight Cancer

02.25.2008 //

Chris Nieratko is still in the race to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and to win Ryan Sheckler’s Range Rover, but the pressure is getting to him. “I’m getting my ass kicked all over the Sheckler donation page,” Nieratko says. “Look at the standings; I’m in like seventh place now.” Help a […]

Autumn Bowl Benefit Coverage No Image

Autumn Bowl Benefit Coverage

02.22.2008 //

Some great skating goes off at New York City’s Autumn Bowl Benefit Skate. Dave Mims, owner of the famous Autumn Bowl, was at the event where skaters Dylan James, Taji Ameen, and Alan Siegler were among those tearing up the bowl. Steve Rodriguez, founder of 5Boro, made his own name at the benefit by serving […]

The Bacon Movie – Streaming No Image

The Bacon Movie – Streaming

02.21.2008 //

Bacons Skateboard’s First Skate Team DVD

Emerica's A Nice Little Saturday With Leo No Image

Emerica's A Nice Little Saturday With Leo

02.21.2008 //

Emerica’s new video promotion from A Nice Little Saturday With Leo.

Young Emericans in Miami No Image

Young Emericans in Miami

02.21.2008 //

Young Emericans in Miami ‘ 08

Emerica's Stay Gold Teaser 2 No Image

Emerica's Stay Gold Teaser 2

02.21.2008 //

The second teaser from Emerica’s new Stay Gold video featuring the guys; Brandon Westgate, Marquis Preston, and newcomer Justin Figueroa.