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Heelbruise Remind Project

04.03.2013 //

Heelbruise and Remind team up to bring you a collaboration insole featuring two different designes. The collaboration is in dedication to both companies good friend and co-worker Reggie Destin who past away earlier last year. Reggie unfortunately was killed by a drunk driver while skateboarding in Chicago. Check out the video inside for more information and see a good bit of skating.

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Detention with Kenny Hoyle

04.03.2013 //

Kenny Hoyle has a rad Detention video at Da Playground.

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Ben Horton Art Show

04.03.2013 //

Ben Horton, the mastermind behind $lave’s awesomely controversial graphics is hosting an art show this Friday in Oceanside, California called Landline. If you’re in the area, it’s a must that you check out this amazing solo exhibit. For more info, check out the flyer inside. See you there!


Mehring’s Bearings: Richmond, VA – Cover Deadline.

04.03.2013 //

On a cold winter day in 2008 Tim O’Connor, Fred Gall, and Jack Sabback went on a Hail Mary mission to try and get a cover shot for a deadline that was 3 days away.


Tum Yeto Pocket Cam 13

04.02.2013 //

Tum Yeto is at it once again with this epic Pocket Cam video featuring: Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Taylor Smith, Collin Provost, Matt Bennett, Pat Burke, Josh Harmony, Trevor Colden and Dakota Servold.


Darius “Woogie” Jackson for Ipath

04.02.2013 //

Ipath just added Darius “Woogie” Jackson to their squad. Check his welcome video here!


Skateboarder Magazine – Red Bull: On the Road to Ruin – Feb/Mar 2012 Issue

04.02.2013 //

We hit the road with Red Bull last year and cruised around the East Coast with a solid crew. Check out the original text and photos from our Feb/Mar 2012 issue featuring Sheckler, Zered Bassett, Kieran Reilly, and more. You could argue that this was the issue that the newly famous ATL Twins gained their fame from!


Paul Rodriguez Bangin! at The Berrics

04.02.2013 //

Paul Rodriguez is better switch than most of us will ever be regular. And his new Bangin! at The Berrics is proof.


Talkin’ MOB with Peter Ramondetta

04.02.2013 //

Peter Ramondetta tears up Potrero park on some HUF graphic Mob and explains why he thinks Mob is the best griptape.


Sk8Mafia Monthly: April 2013

04.02.2013 //

SK8MAFIA has a new monthly video feature on their website called SMonthly and will be feeding us a new montage every month! Click through for the April edit, it’s sick!


The Tuesday 25 with Adrian Mallory

04.02.2013 //

Creature Skateboards AM Adrian Mallory handles this week’s Tuesday 25. Click through for some Q&A and video parts.


Skateboarder Magazine – Jamie Thomas: Solo Mission – Feb/Mar 2012 Issue

04.01.2013 //

Check out this Jamie Thomas article called “Solo Mission” from our Feb/Mar 2012 issue and see what the Chief was up to around this time last year.