Active Kicks Down

11.03.2006 //

Active Am results: 1 David Loy $5000 winner takes all 2 Nick DomPierre 3 Tony Cervantes 4 Justin Figeroua 5 Sean Malto 6 Terell Robinson Best Trick 1 Marques Preston $2500 winner takes all 2 Chris Troy 3 Gilbert Crockett 4 James Hardy 5 Tyler Hendley Congratulations to Bling Fest winner: Dennis Busenitz, who took […]

Tony Tave No Image

Tony Tave

11.03.2006 //

Tony Tave is now Pro for Element. Here’s a look at his footage.


Like Brothers Video Premiere

11.03.2006 //

Click Here for the Trailer Premires at the Vine Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.on November 15th. There’s a free showing at 8pm and a VIP showing @ 9:30 pm

Bucky Miller No Image

Bucky Miller

11.03.2006 //

Bucky Miller shreds the AZ. trannies in this clip form his Under The Radar.


Under the Radar: Bucky Miller

11.02.2006 //

Bucky Miller, Buck De La Cruz, Buck De La Buckdown, Stamos De La Buckingham… Which one of your many alias fits you the best? I’m really a fan of all of them. Stamos De La Buckingham probably makes the least sense, which is rad, but Buck De La Buckdown is just classic. Plus you’ve got […]

411 14.4 Trailer No Image

411 14.4 Trailer

11.02.2006 //

Check out the DVS Tour, get peaceful with Planet Earth and get to know the real Chico Brenes in 411 14.4 available Nov. 21st

Damn Am at Volcom No Image

Damn Am at Volcom

11.02.2006 //

Once again the Damn Am brought out some of the best Am’s around.

GvR Bowl No Image

GvR Bowl

11.01.2006 //

No that’s not a stobelight, it’s the constant blinding flashs of cameras at the GvR Bowl Comp.


Crimson Tour

10.31.2006 //


Altamont limited Edition

10.31.2006 //



10.31.2006 //

Jose Rojo and Daniel Shimizu wear insight! Insight quietly slid into the U.S. skate scene with the acquisition of southern Cali all terrain ripper Chad TimTim. Thankfully, Chad turned up the volume with two editorial interviews and an amazing video part in Transworld

GvR Finals Part 2 No Image

GvR Finals Part 2

10.27.2006 //

This is the Last of the GVR Street Clips. The Bowl Clips will be up next week.