Daher Limited Deck

07.31.2006 //

Mike Daher / Westside Skateshop Limited Series Only 132 of these boards were made signed and individualy numbered with artwork done by Mike’s girlfriend Elizabeth Purdum. “Created by Family for Family. For those who truley love Skateboarding. Much Love and Respect to the Westside Family, IPath Family, Diamond Family, My Family, and anyone I dont […]

The Bueno Video No Image

The Bueno Video

07.28.2006 //

Check out the newest video from Bueno Skateboards called “Wizzards of Radical”


New Vans apparel deals.

07.27.2006 //

VANS NABS ANTHONY VAN ENGELEN AND JOHNNY LAYTON FOR APPAREL Santa Fe Springs, CA (July 25, 2006) – Vans announced today that Anthony Van Engelen and Johnny Layton, each already riding for Vans shoes, are the first two skaters to sign Vans apparel deals. AVE, whose first Vans shoe, the AV Era, hits stores July […]

T-shirt Design Contest No Image

T-shirt Design Contest

07.27.2006 //

Roots Click To Enlarge Broken Ankle Click To Enlarge Getting Pitched Click To Enlarge Stages Of Skateboarding Click To Enlarge


Midwest Melee

07.26.2006 //


Question Authority: Tommy Sandoval

07.26.2006 //

Question Authority Tommy Sandoval Tommy, I think you’re gnarly. I read about how you’re from Chula Vista. Man, I drove through there once on my way to TJ. That place is harsh. I mean it’s pretty craze up here in Long Beach too but seriously What did you have to skate growing up there? What’s […]


Skate Anatomy: Tim O’Connor

07.26.2006 //

Skate Anatomy Tim O’Connor LEFT SIDE Broken Wrist and AIDS Scare Launched my shoe off in the air like Simon Woodstock while attempting a back lip at the Brooklyn Banks handrail. Landed in a position that wasn’t too comfortable and broke a bone in my wrist and dislocated it. Plus, the ground at the bottom […]


Dumbass meets Badass

07.26.2006 //

Wild In The Parks No Image

Wild In The Parks

07.26.2006 //

The Am’s go wild in Denver, eat hot dogs and get a session at Woodward. For more Click Here


Skate Anatomy: Danny Way

07.25.2006 //

Danny Way CENTER: • Fractured C1 and C2 vertebrae in neck, bruised brain stem and spinal cord. “I landed on my head after diving off my surfboard. My nerves went berserk from bruising my brain stem because it caused neurological damage; I couldn’t control my hands sometimes, and I had a ringing in my head […]


Skate Anatomy: Tony Hawk

07.25.2006 //

Tony Hawk CENTER: Teeth knocked out three times “The first time was at Del Mar in the halfpipe. I stuck on a 50-50 and fell forward. I woke up later in the pro shop. Both teeth were broken off—all that was left were tiny nubs. It looked like a bullet went through the middle of […]


Skate Anatomy: Shiloh Greathouse

07.25.2006 //

Shiloh Greathouse Left Side Crushed Foot When we were young, my friends and I were trying to tip over a solid cement picnic table so we could do boardslides on it. I jumped off it, and it flipped over and smashed down on my foot. Holy Shin! I was bombing a hill in LA called […]