Skate Anatomy: Corey Duffel

07.25.2006 //

Corey Duffel Left Side Broken Nose and Collarbone A wrestling coach grabbed my board and was trying to get me in trouble. Another coach saw us scuffling and grabbed me from behind. I fell forward to the ground and broke my nose and collarbone. I took them to court, and they settled for a little […]


Skate Anatomy: Nilton Neves

07.25.2006 //

Nilton Neves Left Side ELBOW: I have this thing where if I hit my elbow, it swells to the size of a baseball. My left elbow is messed up. WRIST: My left wrist is just not the same anymore. I skated for 17 years in Brazil and three years over here. It’s just natural that […]


Skate Anatomy: Ben Gilley

07.25.2006 //

Ben Gilley Left Side BRUISED TAILBONE AND RIBCAGE: I was ollieing the Meanwhile gap in London and slipped out and went straight to ass. I bruised my ass and my left ribcage. I couldn’t skate for a week after. It hurt every time I’d bend down to ollie. GASHED SHIN: I was skating a quarterpipe […]


Skate Anatomy: Peter Hewitt

07.25.2006 //

Peter Hewitt Left Side SNAPPED LEG I was 13 the first time I broke my left leg . I was skating a bike ramp, went to do a knee slide and sat on my leg weird. The second time I broke it was on a rock ’n’ roll at Lincoln City on the vert ramp. […]


Skate Anatomy: Forrest Kirby

07.25.2006 //

Forrest Kirby Left Side Broken Fingers: I was trying a 50-50 transfer into a bank from a mini-ramp. My wheel caught at the edge or something. I Supermanned off my board and landed on my fingers. I jammed all but my thumb into my hand. I looked at my hand and all my fingers were […]


Skate Anatomy: Chet Childress

07.25.2006 //

Chet Childress Left side Fractured kidney: While visiting Woodward Extreme Boogie Board Camp, I slammed my elbow into my kidney. Next thing I know, I’m pissing blood clots. Spent four or five days at the hospital and wasn’t allowed to leave the camp for a week. Had to break out due to gay-ass Rollerbladers and […]


Skate Anatomy: Charlie Thomas

07.25.2006 //

Charlie Thomas Left side Dislocated Elbow: There was a sidewalk bump that went over rough blacktop at a Taco Bell in L.A.. I fell trying a frontside 180, and when I put my hand down to brace myself my elbow hyper-extended right out of the socket. When I was getting x-rays, the tech told me […]


Skate Anatomy: Mark Appleyard

07.25.2006 //

Mark Appleyard Left side Fractured Arm: “I tried to drop in on my butt down a playground slide with one of those whoopity-woos at the end. I launched off the end, landed with my left arm underneath me and fractured it. I was with a girl. I didn’t feel too cool. I was 14 or […]


Skate Anatomy: Ryan Smith

07.25.2006 //

Ryan Smith Left side Broken collarbone: “I broke this when I was a year and a half old and it just kept breaking throughout my adolescent life, a whopping 12 times on a number of random things that I barely even remember. One time was from skating, but each one was as lame as the […]


Skate Anatomy: Frank Gerwer

07.25.2006 //

Frank Gerwer Left side Crushed foot: “I was riding down the street on my bike, and this dude made a turn and ran right into me. My left foot got crushed between the crank and the bumper of his car. It just crushed my foot sideways, and bruised the top of it. The guy tried […]


Skate Anatomy: Mike Maldonado

07.25.2006 //

Mike Maldonado Left side Broken hand: “I was skating Bam’s mini-ramp back in the day, trying backside disaster reverts. I was seeing how fast I could do ’em, and just ended up leaving my board on the platform. My body just twisted. The board didn’t even move. I went straight to the flat bottom on […]


Skate Anatomy: Chad Muska

07.25.2006 //

Chad Muska Left side Bashed knee: “I was on this Circa tour in Switzerland and I was trying to bluntslide this ledge. I slipped out and did a flying-Jimmy-Superfly-Snuka to my knee. That shit swelled up pretty bad and took me out for a while.” Broken wrist, three times: “I can’t even remember how I […]