Skate Anatomy: Diego Bucchieri

07.24.2006 //

Diego Bucchieri Left Side Broken fingers: “Back home in Argentina, I was going to the beach, I ollied up the same curb that I ollied a thousand times before, but this time I landed in a crack. I put my hands down to break my fall, when I looked at my hand two of my […]


Skate Anatomy: Elissa Steamer

07.24.2006 //

Elissa Steamer Left Side Broken wrist: “I was doing a 50-50 on a ledge, and I fell with my hand behind my back. It sucked when I did it, too, because we had climbed a fence to skate the ledge so I had to have my friend pull me back over with one hand. That […]


Skate Anatomy: Ragdoll

07.24.2006 //

Ragdoll Left Side Broken wrist: “I’ve broken my wrists so many times now, it doesn’t even hurt. On one occasion, I was in Vegas—with Weiss and the Digital crew—skating this 15-stair hubba and I was getting wrecked. I hit my head at least two times, rolled my ankle, and broke my wrist. Corey Sheppard, Ronnie […]


Skate Anatomy: Tosh Townend

07.24.2006 //

Tosh Townend Left Side Busted face: “Lipsliding a 20-stair handrail successfully into a wall! I pretty much pulled it and then I was like, ‘I don’t know if I want to roll out to the side and slip out into the street.’ So I jumped off. On the second attempt I stuck it, then my […]


Skate Anatomy: Rob Dyrdek

07.24.2006 //

Rob Dyrdek Left Side Broken fingers: “I’ve broken, like, every single one of my fingers. I broke four of them in one shot when I was doing a demo when I was a kid. I was trying to be that kid trying to skate in the rain at a demo when no one else would […]


Skate Anatomy: Bobby Puleo

07.24.2006 //

Bobby Puleo Left Side Broken ring and pinky fingers: “Skating a backyard miniramp, trying to stalefish grab over a channel, somehow I managed to land on the flat with my bodyweight crushing the non-grabbing hand, resulting in my two fingers pointing in the opposite direction. I remember the doctor shot me with Novocain between the […]


Skate Anatomy: Kerry Getz

07.24.2006 //

Kerry Getz Left Side Sprained ankle: “I’ve twisted it probably over 30 times.” Pulled groin: “At a contest, I bailed a trick and one foot stayed on the board and the other didn’t; it made me do the splits and pulled my groin muscle.” Bruised heel: “I’ve been favoring my left ankle ever since I […]


Skate Anatomy: Brian Sumner

07.24.2006 //

Brian Sumner Left Side Numerous folded ankles: “I folded my left ankle learning frontside flips; my board would land primo and my ankle would just fold.” Swellbows and hippers: “In Liverpool, the floor is really rough and there are just a bunch of big stairs and gaps—so I pretty much just grew up jumping off […]


Skate Anatomy: Dan Drehobl

07.24.2006 //

Dan Drehobl Left Side Deep vein thrombosis: “I got a blood clot in my left leg after the knee surgery for my blown ACL. I was in bed for two weeks and I went to see the doctor. He was like ‘Walk on your leg.’ I couldn’t walk on it at all. He was like, […]


Skate Anatomy: Patrick Melcher

07.24.2006 //

Patrick Melcher Left Side Broken elbow: “I was crooked grinding this 11-stair handrail and landed primo, dove forward and my weight focused my elbow backward. It was gross, looking down and seeing my hand screwed on upside down. Luckily, it only took two months to recover.” Exploded left testicle: “While launching over a platform at […]


Skate Anatomy: Dustin Dollin

07.24.2006 //

Dustin Dollin Left Side P.D. carved in arm: “I should have gotten stitches because I cut it way too deep. It’s pretty big and it’s upside down. I went through it a couple too many times because I was drunk. It was so deep that it didn’t bleed. I think everyone did it that night. […]


Skate Anatomy: Anthony Van Engelen

07.24.2006 //

Anthony Van Engelen Left Side Fractured kneecap: “I was trying to halfcab noseslide the Wilshire rail and I got too close to the rail on the roll-up. I ended up hitting my knee at the top of the rail and then had to jump down 10 stairs. I slit my knee open and fractured the […]