Skate Anatomy: Kristian Svitak

07.24.2006 //

Kristian Svitak Left Side Roadrash: “I was riding my bike super fast down the street. I had just gotten handle brakes and I didn’t really know how to use them. I ended up slamming down the front brakes and just went flying over the handlebars. I lost the whole left side of my body.” Knocked […]


Skate Anatomy: Ed Templeton

07.24.2006 //

Ed Templeton Left Side Inner thigh sacks: “I can’t recall the amount of times I have sacked the inner thigh area. I always get the most heinous bruises. When I broke my neck, it was a dangling sack that propelled me to my head. That one was such a deep shade of purple.” Shinners: “In […]


Skate Anatomy: Bob Burnquist

07.24.2006 //

Bob Burnquist Left Side Broken ribs: “This one happened while I was trying to go for the biggest railslide of my life. The board stuck and I hugged the rail. It broke two ribs of mine and I have to say it’s the worst injury to have. No breathing, laughing, coughing for a little while.” […]


Skate Anatomy: Scott Bourne

07.24.2006 //

Scott Bourne Left Side Broken hand: “A long time ago there used to be a trick called the ‘ho-ho plant.’ It was some silly maneuver that didn’t involve rolling on your wheels. It goes like this…invert your body in a handstand position and walk around on your hands with your board placed on your feet. […]


Skate Anatomy: Skateboarding

07.24.2006 //

Skateboarding Left side Shot self in foot: “I wasn’t too smart back in the day. All my friends used to tag and break shit at the spots we skated. Sometimes we’d break windows at the high school on weekends or even steal kids’ boards. All that shit ended up coming back at me, because after […]


Skate Anatomy: Mike York

07.24.2006 //

Mike York Left side: Charley horse: “I had just gotten on World Industries and we were skating the World park. I was skating the street course and Brian Lotti was there. He does a backside ollie on the quarterpipe, and I’m coming up the quarterpipe, and his knee smacked me in the thigh so hard. […]


Skate Anatomy: Donny Barley

07.24.2006 //

Donny Barley Left side Torn ligaments in ankle: “I never had any ankle injuries before. I think, in general, I have a high flexibility rate and they would just bend. Then three months ago I tore some ligaments on the outer side of my ankle and the Achilles area. Lately, I’ve been taking care of […]


Skate Anatomy: Colin McKay

07.24.2006 //

Colin McKay Left side Torn ligaments in knee twice: “My back foot slipped off on a tailgrab 720. It was bad—out for two months. The second time wasn’t as bad. My back foot slipped off again on a backside tailslide shove.” Dislocated shoulder: “From time to time my shoulder will dislocate, just from wear and […]


Skate Anatomy: Lance Mountain

07.24.2006 //

Lance Mountain Left Side: Shattered thumb: “My dad dropped a boulder on it while we were building a cement wall around the backyard—so my thumb never grew again. At first, we thought it wasn’t that bad but it shattered the growth plate and it never grew. It just went sideways, so it looks like a […]


Skate Anatomy: Kris Markovich

07.24.2006 //

Kris Markovich Left Side Broken toe: “I was doing a demo in Australia and I fell trying to backside smith grind on top of a pyramid. I stuck, and got thrown to the bottom. Somehow, as I fell, I kicked the ground and broke a bone in my big toe. It was the first demo […]


Skate Anatomy: Keith Hufnagel

07.24.2006 //

Keith Hufnagel LEFT SIDE Broken toe: “It was about two years ago, I was skating this bump over a sidewalk in L.A. and I was trying a 360 flip. I landed it with my big left toe going straight into the ground. I couldn’t walk for a few days and I couldn’t skate for two […]


Skate Anatomy: Mike Carroll

07.24.2006 //

Mike Carroll Left Side: Dislocated ankle: “While in Spain, I was trying to shoot a frontside flip over a gap for Atiba. Or was it Ako? I landed wrong, and while I was falling I could tell something wasn’t right. I looked down and my foot looked crooked. When I moved my ankle I felt […]