Skate Anatomy: Mike Vallely

07.24.2006 //

Mike Vallely “For the record, I’ve never been knocked out.” Center: Broken nose: “In 1986, I obliterated my entire face by smashing it on a parking block. I was skating this bank to parking block, goofing around, when I jokingly tried to do a rocket blunt by placing both feet on the tail and both […]


Skate Anatomy: Neal Mims

07.21.2006 //

Neal Mims “I’m finally getting health insurance.” CENTER: Fifty stitches above left eye. “I tried to 50-50 this rail in Denver, but it had a shitty runway, and I couldn’t get enough speed. I didn’t get my board on the rail, and I pitched. I landed on my dome and arm. I split the skin […]


Southern Comfort

07.20.2006 //


Listen News

07.20.2006 //


Rogers Takes First

07.19.2006 //


Ed and Brads art

07.19.2006 //


Altamont Press

07.19.2006 //

Blind Demo No Image

Blind Demo

07.19.2006 //

Jake Brown And the Blind crew stop in for a quick skate and toss-off.

Worrest on eS No Image

Worrest on eS

07.18.2006 //

Sean Eaton No Image

Sean Eaton

07.18.2006 //

Sean Eaton has a mean bigflip, here’s a clip from his Hot Wheels for more classic 411 clips Click Here


Memory Card

07.15.2006 //

Frank Goes Back to School No Image

Frank Goes Back to School

07.14.2006 //

Frank Hirata Goes back to the schoolyard to get his ten tricks for Fuel TV.