Listen Plane ride No Image

Listen Plane ride

07.13.2006 //

The Listen crew entertain themselves on the 14 hour flight to Thailand.

Back to The Banks No Image

Back to The Banks

07.12.2006 //

For Immediate Release – July 12, 2006 Some Spots Never Die! Second Annual Back to the Banks Contest Lake Forest , CA – The general public looks at every obstacle and structure in public spaces without a second thought regarding their intended usage, but skateboarders have always looked at things differently. While most people see […]

Thailand Pictorial No Image

Thailand Pictorial

07.12.2006 //


Mini Ramp Jam and BBQ

07.12.2006 //

Mini Ramp Jam and BBQ If you were at your local skatepark on Sunday June, 9th and noticed that there was a lack of little rippers flying about, it was probably because they were at the Chula Vista Skatepark for the mini ramp jam and bbq held by Overload Skateboarding. Although the temperature climbed into […]


Ridin' Dirty

07.12.2006 //

411 14-3 Trailer No Image

411 14-3 Trailer

07.10.2006 //

Here’s an exclusive look at the trailer for 411 14-3, available Aug.1st


411 14.3

07.10.2006 //

14-3 PRESS RELEASE Is the summer getting too hot for you? Stay indoors and cool off with 411 14-3, the newest issue in 411’s 14 series, available August 1st! With Duffs Art Director Russ Pope at the creative helm, 14-3 provides everything you need to enjoy your lazy days in the shade! Hey now-now, goin’ […]

Hurley Goes To Camp No Image

Hurley Goes To Camp

07.07.2006 //

HURLEY WEEK AT WOODWARD Clockwise: Kris Markovich, Nilton Neeves, Aaron Astorga, James Atkins, On the last week of June Woodward West skate camp played host to some of the Hurley team riders for a week of fun and skateboarding. Hurley team riders Kris Markovich, Nilton Neves, James Atkin, Lincoln Ueda and Alan Young along with […]


Day Glo Emericas

07.07.2006 //

Volcom News No Image

Volcom News

07.07.2006 //

VOLCOM SKATE TEAM NEWS It’s been a nonstop summer so far and it has only just begun! With a bunch of photo trips, tours, demos and contests going on its looking like this year is going to be as busy as ever. As far as events go, we are involved with three big ones this […]


Volcom Wild In the Parks

07.06.2006 //

Krux Kickflip Challenge No Image

Krux Kickflip Challenge

07.06.2006 //

The record of 219 consecutive kickflips was destroyed by Chris Dziema.