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Krux Kickflip Challenge

07.06.2006 //

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 KRUX KICKFLIP CHALLENGE NEW WORLD RECORD – 283 CONSECUTIVE KICKFLIPS! The record of 219 consecutive kickflips was destroyed by Chris Dziema at Small Empire Skateshop in New Jersey on June 28th, 2006! Chris quickly made it to 100 kickflips and then asked “What’s the record?”. When he was told it was […]

Built to Shred No Image

Built to Shred

07.05.2006 //

Jeff King, has finally been given an outlet for his abundant creativity.


Tap the Rockies

07.05.2006 //


C1RCA News 6-29

06.30.2006 //

Mimik Apparel No Image

Mimik Apparel

06.30.2006 //

Even though the release date for Mimik’s video isn’t till 07, they dropped by this teaser to tide you over.

Canadian Feast No Image

Canadian Feast

06.29.2006 //

The Feast returns for seconds as they venture into the Great White North. Now watch it in our bigger player.


Overload Ramp Jam

06.29.2006 //


Adelmo Shop Deck

06.29.2006 //


Zoo suski

06.29.2006 //


Against The Grain

06.29.2006 //

Cairo Gets Ricta No Image

Cairo Gets Ricta

06.29.2006 //

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RICTA WHEELS IS PROUD TO WELCOME CAIRO FOSTER TO THE TEAM! Shortly after joining the Ricta Pro Team, Cairo and the rest of the team hit the road for the White Lightning Tour in Toronto, Canada! Check out stories and photos of the tour at Also get your deck ready for […]

Western Edition No Image

Western Edition

06.29.2006 //

Western Edition is a San Francisco based skateboard company that has been in operation since 1999. The name is derived from the neighborhood “western addition” which was deemed the harlem of the west in the forties. Unfortunately shortly after its cultural rise came urban renewal, a project that called the neighborhood a slum and evicted […]