Skate Anatomy: Steve Caballero

04.29.2006 //

Skate Anatomy Steve Caballero Nailed Kneecap In 1981, I built a vert ramp in my backyard. It was held together with nails, not screws—big mistake. I didn’t keep up with the maintenance, and a few of the nails started to pop out. While practicing a gay twist mute grab, I bailed and knee slid down […]

Question Authority: Brandon Biebel No Image

Question Authority: Brandon Biebel

04.29.2006 //

Question Authority Brandon Biebel Brandon, I’m a major fan of yours. I’ve been psyched on your skating since you were a little am on the come up riding for ATM back in the day. I really admire how you’ve carved out your own little spot in skateboarding, how you’re an individual and not just trend […]

Manny Santiago No Image

Manny Santiago

04.29.2006 //

Manny Santiago is coming up in a major way. This is his current collection of footage.

Danny's Mega-Backflip No Image

Danny's Mega-Backflip

04.28.2006 //

See More at Danny


Under The Radar: Manny Santiago

04.28.2006 //

1. Age ? I’im 20 years old. 2. Home ? Lowell, Massachussets 3. Sponsors ? Shorty’s Skateboards, DC Shoes, Oakley, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Pioneers Skateshop 4. Years skating ? Almost 6 year now…. 5. Don’t leave home with out ? Mmhmm wallet, fresh T, Earings, and my BOSTON Fitted. 6. Favorite obstacle ? A […]

Pack Your Bags And Passport No Image

Pack Your Bags And Passport

04.28.2006 //

So.Oregon ATV Mason Huggins won himself a round trip ticket to Sweden after winning the “Pack Your Bags and Passport” qualifier in Port Angeles.


Collin Kennedy

04.28.2006 //

Colin Kennedy Words: Alex Klein It’s an impressive feat to have cultivated a professional skateboard career anywhere outside of California. It’s particularly impressive when it’s done from one of the wettest corners of an already damp island, Scotland. Colin Kennedy has done just that. Here he talks about making music, the trouble with Neds and […]


60 Seconds Caswell

04.27.2006 //

60 Seconds Caswell Berry Why do you carry a shotgun in the trunk of your car? I could just say I’m tough. I like to shoot guns. I went through firearm safety classes and all that. If I ever feel the need, I can pull over, load up and let a few rip, get some […]


15 Things Big Brother

04.27.2006 //

Words: Dave Carnie, Sean Cliver, Chris Nieratko, Jeff Tremaine and Brian Peech 1. When Earl Parker was editor of Big Brother in the early 1990s, he lived on the floor of the World Industries skatepark. Since he was so poor, he was kind of at the mercy of whatever anyone would give him. “Every morning […]


No-Handed Harley Riding at 80 mph While Taking Photos

04.24.2006 //

For Immediate Release – April 24, 2006 No-Handed Harley Riding at 80 mph While Taking Photos Our America – Jason O’Dell Photography How did such amazing shots come from a photographer who was traveling at speeds in excess of 80 mph on a Harley? It’s called artistic creativity at its finest! Our America showcases the […]


Cliche' Report

04.21.2006 //


Bowlriders Goes To Malmo

04.21.2006 //

THE QUIKSILVER BOWLRIDERS GOES TO MALMO, SWEDEN NEW BOWLRIDERS QUALIFICATION SERIES TO GRANT WILD CARDS FOR THE FINAL EVENT FROM MAY 19-21, 2006. (Huntington Beach, CA) April 15, 2006 — Quiksilver, a division of Quiksilver Inc. ( and the world’s leader in boardriding lifestyle and culture, announced that Malm, Sweden will be the new host […]

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