Birdhouse Update

04.18.2006 //

With Spring upon us, the Birdhouse team is gearing up for a big summer of traveling and filming. Already many of the riders are on the road working hard. Steve Nesser is currently in Tel Aviv, Israel shooting photos and filming. Steve had only been at home in St. Paul, MN a few days before […]


Hsu Cracks His Skull

04.18.2006 //

We were in France, Lake Ancee to be exact, on one of the many Osiris tours in the summer of 2004. We just finished a big demo in town at a cool concrete park on the banks of a Lake Ancee. After your usual crowd-pleasing demo for thousands of kids, we jumped into our speedboats […]


Agency Handbook: Vol 2. Issue 2

04.15.2006 //


Fluer De Lis: Bakersfield

04.11.2006 //

April 8th, 2006 Bakersfield, California The Bakersfield stop on the Elemental Awareness Fleur De Lis Contest Series was the biggest yet with close to 500 people in attendance. The event literally had cars slowing down on the 99 Freeway as they passed to check out the scene. There was a lot of diversity in the […]


King Of The Ramp

04.07.2006 //

King of the Ramp 2006 “One of the sickest battles in skateboarding!” How can you party all night long, get up in the morning and skate a 20 – minute marathon run?? I don’t know….I rarely have seen a session with so much energy and so many bad slams while trying a trick. But no […]


Arbor Day Skate Jam

04.07.2006 //

Strange Notes: Lutzka No Image

Strange Notes: Lutzka

04.07.2006 //

Strange Notes caught up with Greg Lutzka, and caught some bangers, lines and axe shredding in the process.


Jessie's Back

04.06.2006 //


Pro Tec Pool Party 06

04.05.2006 //

Protec Pool Party Results Pro results 1 Omar Hassan 2 Rune Glifberg 3 Brian Patch 4 Benji Galloway 5 Andy Macdonald 6 Bob Burnquist 7 Bucky Lasek 8 Joshua Borden 9 Bruno Passos 10.Jimmy The Greek 11 Tim Johnson 12 Lincoln Ueda 13 Ben Butler 14 Darin Jenkins 15 Bennett Harada 16 Sergie Ventura 17 […]


Ambig Ya' Dig!

04.04.2006 //


TumYeto Road Trip

03.24.2006 //

March 1st. We flew into town, and in no time Nuge grabbed his camera and got down! March 2nd. We went skating all day in Tampa and Tarpon. Everyone got some footage. Corey and Don got photos with Rodent. Then we stopped by and hung out with the guys at Westside skateshop. We ate some […]


Skate Anatomy: Kenny Hughes

03.23.2006 //

Skate Anatomy Kenny Hughes Left Side Smashed Toenail I was skating the Daly City miniramp with Joey Pepper and Rob Welsh. I’m not too sure what trick I was trying, but it ended with the axle of my truck slamming down on my left toenail. Not thinking anything of it, I just sat down. Once […]

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