Sixty Seconds: Mike Carrol

03.23.2006 //

Sixty Seconds with Mike Carroll What’s an initiation ritual when you put a dude on Girl? They have to tell Rick which concaves are skateable because he can’t tell. They have to pack griptape and bolts on tour because no one else is smart enough to carry them for themselves. And they have to do […]


Question Authority: Ed Templeton

03.23.2006 //

Question Authority Ed Templeton I live in Orange County and was wondering why you still choose to live in Huntington Beach. I see you as a very creative and artistic person and think you’d be in New York or Europe or even Los Angeles. Huntington Beach, I’m sorry to say, seems to be so void […]


Element Currents

03.22.2006 //


Matt Dove

03.22.2006 //

Matt Dove words: Jesse Fritch photos: Rhino I’m not quite sure how to describe Matt Dove; I’m not sure anyone does. You see, what he does makes no sense to the average person—and it’s been like this forever. I first met Matt at Woodward when I was 12 years old. It was my first day […]


15 Things: Brooklyn Banks

03.22.2006 //

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Brooklyn Banks 1. Built in the mid-’60s under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Banks has been a hub for the New York skate scene since the early-’80s. The spot has banks of varying sizes, wallride pillars, ledges and rails. O.G. Banks local and original […]

Underworld News No Image

Underworld News

03.20.2006 //

Project Video No Image

Project Video

03.17.2006 //

This is the new Full-Length video from Project Hardware featuring Chad Tim Tim, Danny Gonzales,Brian Sumner and more…


Project Hardware: Danny Gonzales

03.16.2006 //

See the Entire Project Video Here You seem like someone who looks at skating from a more creative standpoint rather than someone who just tries to keep up with the latest tricks and trends. Why is that, and what inspires you to push the limits? I don’t keep up with trends because there’s always gonna’ […]


Skully Returns

03.16.2006 //

It was that time of year again, when a skater’s mind turned to thoughts of flat bars, fun boxes, cash money and the prestige that comes with winning the Tampa Pro. It’s is safe to say that one thing they weren’t striving to win was the Skateboarder Magazines award for Best Slam. Skully is the […]


Kufstien Kompleted

03.13.2006 //

This is a letter we got from Roman in Austria. He has been busting his ass trying to get this new bowl added to his double spine mini ramp creation in time for the King Of the Ramp Contest on April 1st. Stay tuned for footage and results… Yes, we did it! After working all […]

Traffic Promo No Image

Traffic Promo

03.08.2006 //

Phillies Best take to the streets in this Clip from Traffic Skateboards.


Brent Atchley Pro Party Premier

03.06.2006 //

See More Brent at Element Skateboards See Brent’s pro debut video here.

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