The F'East Rages On

11.28.2005 //

Wednesday November 23rd – More than 1500 kids packed the place – pirate announcer josh hyped up the show and the entire crowd started hitting their skateboards on the ground. Even the pro skateboarders were surprised by all the noise when they walked in and the show started. The course was filled with our guys […]

Enjoi Teaser No Image

Enjoi Teaser

11.28.2005 //

Here’s an introduction of sorts to the Enjoi Team, and there new video “Bag OF Suck”.

Bob's Teaser No Image

Bob's Teaser

11.17.2005 //

From skydiving to corkscrews, Bob has lead a pretty interesting life.


Skate Anatomy: Clint Peterson

11.16.2005 //

Skate Anatomy Clint Peterson LEFT SIDE Smashed Knee I was in New York trying to lipslide the world’s chunkiest hubba. I stuck at the top and basically jumped down 12 stairs onto my kneecap. After I could walk again, I received a good amount of sympathy from the girls of Max Fish. Blood Clot I […]


Question Authority: Duffy and Williams

11.16.2005 //

Question Authority Stevie Williams You had a fantastic part in the DC movie. Me and all my friends think you’re one of the best technical skaters of all time. I noticed you didn’t do one handrail throughout your whole part. I respect that. It seems like there are way too many kids that respect pros […]


Dylan Rieder

11.16.2005 //

Dylan Rieder Life’s Been Good Words: Brian Peech Photos: John Bradford Oh, the life of a 17-year-old skate phenom. Exotic trips, car crashes, Texas prisons, fancy meals and five-star hotels, breast-flashing floozies in every town, home schooling from the tour bus, all-night parties and evictions. Kinda reminds me of that Joe Walsh song, “Life’s Been […]


60 Seconds: Josh Kalis

11.16.2005 //

Three things keeping you in Michigan? My house, my daughter and my wife. Last time you paid a ticket? Speeding, three weeks ago. It was a big one, but the cop gave me a break and it ended up not being so bad. What music got you psyched in the Toy Machine days, and what […]


15 things: The Great Wall

11.16.2005 //

1. Danny Way first conceived the idea to jump the Great Wall several years ago on a flight to Asia. His friends laughed at him and claimed he’d lost his marbles. But the gears were set into motion when he met with the China Extreme Sports Association, a government body created in 2004 to oversee […]


Demo for Eric.

11.15.2005 //

Tony Hawk to help in the wake of the Eric Costello tragedy On hearing about the passing of Eric Costello and about the son he left behind, skating legend Tony Hawk took it upon himself to get involved. After just a few short phone calls, word spread like wildfire. On Sunday, November 20th Tony Hawk […]

5boro Teaser No Image

5boro Teaser

11.15.2005 //

This teaser breaks down the meaning behind the 5Boro name, in classic NY Style.


3rd Lair News

11.15.2005 //


The Reality of Bob's Premiere

11.14.2005 //

The Reality of Bob is…. that he is one of the gnarliest humans to ever step on a skateboard. From winning his first North American pro contest (Slam City) in 96’, to looping a full pipe…. to his latest act of insanity…the corkscrew, Bob has cemented his name in the ranks of skateboard legends. Watch […]

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