LISTS: The Curtains

06.08.2005 //

The last trick in some major videos: Dying to Live: Jamie Thomas, frontside boardslide on a rail Yeah, Right!: Eric Koston, 360 flip noseblunt slide on the San Marcos rail Sorry: Arto Saari, switch flip the Santa Monica triple set Really Sorry: Mark Appleyard, 360 flip noseslide Lyon hubba Chomp on This: Gabe Morford, 50-50 […]


Question Authority: Frank Gerwer

06.08.2005 //

Back in 2001, you kickflipped Wallenberg. At the time it was considered the ultimate trick possible on the big four set. I was wondering how that day played out for you? Did you just wake up and roll down there and do it, or were there many moments of hesitation or doubt? I heard Gabe […]


Question Authority: Stefan Janowski

06.08.2005 //

Hey, Stefan. I’ve been trying to convince my girlfriend that we should get a dog. The problem is we travel a lot. You must run into the same problem with your dog, Liam. Do you travel with him? Some people also say that dogs share some personality traits with their owners. This might sound like […]


Question Authority: Karl Watson

06.08.2005 //

Question Authority Karl Watson Dear, Karl, I always hear a lot about style, and you seem to have a lot of it. Sometimes I have a hard time defining what style is. In your opinion, what is style and what makes good versus bad style? Is it something you’re born with or do you have […]


15 Things: Hosoi

06.08.2005 //

15 Things you Didn’t Know About Christian Hosoi words: Kevin Craft 1. Christian had an early affinity for heights. At 11 months old, Christian’s mom often discovered him poised on top of the toilet seat. By 18 months, he was horrifying other mothers at the park by climbing to the highest spot on the jungle […]


Berard II

06.07.2005 //

There were a few years there, where we didn’t hear much from you. Did you take time off, were you injured or were you just keeping a low profile? A little bit of everything. I was in a very bad car accident along with two of my close friends and one not so close friend […]


Kyle Berard

05.27.2005 //

My first memories of Kyle Berard was of seeing this young kid who was super consistant and could throw the kickflip front boards at will. This was about five or six years ago when flipping into a front board was something that really set you apart from the pack… What was it like in those […]


Danny Way Vs. The Great Wall of China

05.27.2005 //

What started out as an attempt to push the limits of man and skateboard is turning out to be a chance for two cultures to come together in the air. Danny Way is getting ready to attempt to break his own world record by jumping an 80-foot section of the Great Wall of China. It […]


Premium news

05.20.2005 //

PREMIUM NEWS Alex Gavin’s interview for Worked Magazine is now online. Check it out. He just finished his interview. Alex has been on a mission lately gathering footage for the next Premium video. Dayne Brummet went to Israel last month to skate with Avi Luzia. He toured the country and skated lots of spots. He […]

Pro Tec Pool Party 2 No Image

Pro Tec Pool Party 2

05.18.2005 //


Ragdoll on PIG.

05.11.2005 //

For years, fans of Pig Wheels top quality urethane have been asking that we take our 15 years of experience and launch a Pig Wood team. We’ve been taking our time because we wanted to be sure that when it came together, our team included the best most creative skateboarders out there. And that’s exactly […]


Disposable Heros II

05.10.2005 //

NEWS…by Sean CliverOkay, so the date has come and gone for the San Jose signing and I have to say it went off much better than I expected. Then again, I’m a pessimistic optimist, so the glass is always only slight more than half empty in my world. Anyway, almost 70 books were sold within […]

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