Be Careful

04.01.2005 //

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Washington, D.C. 20207 Hotline:1-800-638-2772 (call them and say hi!) According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 26,000 persons are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year with skateboard related injuries. Deaths due to collisions with cars and from falls also are reported. Several factors – lack of protective […]


New Skateboarder Magazine T-Shirts

03.31.2005 //

The new Skateboarder Magazine shirts are here. These shirts are made of the only highest quality virgin-brushed-cotton. And unlike t-shirts of the past, these shirts are not only stylish and functional, but there are versatile as well. In these photos Bradi demonstrates a few simple modification she has made to her new Skateboarder Magazine t-shirt. […]


The Retun of Skully

03.25.2005 //

Meet Skully. He is Skateboarder Magazines official mascot. I’m sure all of you have spent some time hanging out with Skully. Just in case you haven’t, Skully is the embodiment of all our worst slams. He represents the pain, suffering and time spent layed up that all of us face. In an effort to raise […]

Tampa Pro Part 2 No Image

Tampa Pro Part 2

03.23.2005 //


Tampa Pics

03.19.2005 //

Clyde and a double fister Dave Duncan and Danny Mayer…and some kid who looks way too young to be gambling at the bar. Duncan Go Nuts Ewen, Clint Petersen and Kieth from NHS The Brazilian Faction Jake Rup, The Element TM and Danny Fuenzelida src=”” border=”0″>Rod-Neck Jones


Globe World Cup

03.11.2005 //

Globe World Cup, Melbourne, Australia Feb. 12th 2005 in the Rod Laver arena, in Melbourne Oz, Globe shoes and Dwindle Dist. held the kick off contest for the world cup 2005 contest series. Only a week earlier the Rod Laver arena was sold out for the Australian open of tennis. This weekend it was sold […]


Chaz Pineda: Skateboarder

02.19.2005 //

Chaz Pineda is a 14 year old Texas Native. After meeting this kid, it was clear that he had done his homework…Texas style. He’s got table-top method air’s, proper frontside inverts, and boneless one’s ANYWHERE, and that’s just the crust. This kid has a deep bag of powerful, stylish moves that he can unleash at […]


Blue Bus

02.11.2005 //

BLUE bus is based out of Kansas City, Missouri. They are all about trying to bring a spotlight on the midwest scene. All of the artwork for their decks is done by a local KC artist by the the name of Ben Ellis. They currently have two pro’s Nick Reynolds and Andy Messina and three […]


Build it and they will…

02.09.2005 //

How long have you lived in the area? I have been in SD for just about 8years now. Currently, I live in La Jolla. How long have you been skating? 24 years, long enough to know that I will be a cripple in my later life. How did you get involved with the Penesquitos Park? […]


Chad Knight : Skateboarder

02.07.2005 //

Chad Knight has been at it for years. Recently he was forced to take an extended break to recover from a spiral fracture to his fibula, which ended up requiring multiple surgeries. Now he’s back with new sponsors, a new crew and the same unwavering determination. When did you turn pro? I turned pro in […]


Do They Exist Only For Our Entertainment?

02.02.2005 //

Click Here to find out. Clip courtesy of



01.31.2005 //

You’ve got footage, and we want to see it.Send us your best tricks, lines and slams, to We will select the best clips for our “Almost Famous” user video gallery.” If we pick your video as our clip of the month, we’ll hook you up with a subscription and a Skateboarder Magazine T-shirt. *Videos […]

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