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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith Born and raised in Kansas City. Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine

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Jimmy Carlin talks about Ricta Speedrings

07.18.2012 //

Jimmy Carlin gets some skating in while talking about why he really likes Ricta Speedrings. Check it out and maybe you’ll want to pick up a pair.

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07.18.2012 //

Expedition One built a sick ramp at their offices. Check out Rob Welsh, Chany Jeanguenin, Richard Angelides, Kenny Hoyle, Ryan Gallant, Spencer Hamilton and Enrique Lorenzo getting their first runs in on the ramp.

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Jart Skateboards “All You Need” Full Video

07.17.2012 //

Jart Skateboards has a new 30 minute video featuring Fernan Origel “Turtle”, Denny Pham, Iván Rivado, Jorge Barreto, Sergio Muñoz, Cian Eades, Mark Frölich, David Lougedo, Seb Simon, Timothy Deconynck Cristian Cortizo, Nick Fiorini, Ricky Webb, Julien Bechet and Bastien Salabanzi. Grab a seat and watch then go skate!

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Quartersnacks Nike SB China Bro Cam

07.17.2012 //

Quartersnacks was a little bro cam video of the Nike guys while they were in China. Check out the skating from Jon Humphries, Kaspar van Lierop, Eric Koston, Didi Liu, Daryl Angel, Alex Olson, Jeremy Hu, Theotis Beasley, Paul Rodriguez and Justin Brock.

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07.17.2012 //

Filmer Elliott Vecchia put together a little video of when Chaz Ortiz was in Boston filming for his Zoo York part back in May of 2012.

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Osiris Shoes presents “This Never Gets Old”

07.17.2012 //

Osiris just put out an very unique POV commercial featuring Corey Duffel, Taylor Bingaman and Kellen James with an underlinning message that skateboarding never gets old. I’m backin that.

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Armourdillo Corey Duffel Digital Magazine Interview

07.17.2012 //

Armourdillo released a really cool online magazine featuring a Corey Duffel interview along with a whole lot more. Go have a look.

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Pocket Pistols Welcomes Dusty Yauilla

07.17.2012 //

Pocket Pistols welcomes ripper Dusty Yauilla. Check out his gnarly intro video.

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07.17.2012 //

Enjoy another weekend with Tom Remillard brought to you by Dickies. Come along on Easter Sunday to shred an amazing backyard bowl.

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Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder Art Show

07.17.2012 //

San Francisco based artist Mike Giant has his first solo show with the gallery entitled “Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder” featuring a wide assemblage of recent drawings and also a rare opportunity to view Giant’s personal collection of skateboards he illustrated the graphics for, including boards from his early career. Click through for more information.