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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith Born and raised in Kansas City. Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine

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Nike SB #SkateEveryDamnDay with Stefan Janoski and Alex Olson

07.09.2012 //

Stefan Janoski and Alex Olson’s video has been unlocked and it’s a good one. Head over to the Nike site and see the footage along with their lookbooks.

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Autobahn Wheel Welcomes Carlos Ribeiro

07.09.2012 //

Carlos Ribeiro is blowing up right now. Here’s another minute of footage for his welcome video to Autobahn Wheels. Good stuff.

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07.09.2012 //

Etnies has the third video from their contest. Watch the video, figure out what Barney Page did and then go over to the Etnies site and enter to win some free stuff!

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Go Skate With A Friend

07.06.2012 //

We ran an intro in the magazine awhile back with Matt Fields skating with his dog and all it said was “Go skate with a friend”. Here’s the 2012 version of that intro filmed with a GoPro camera. Sometimes mans’ best friend is also mans’ best skate buddy.


Skaters Atlas

07.06.2012 //

Skaters Atlas is a new website that will feature profiles on different cities around the world. It will showcase the skating, artist, photographers, fashion, and lots more that come from the different locations. Check out the trailer and their first interview with our own Aaron Smith. We’re looking forward to more video from them!

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Oscar Meza Destructo Commercial

07.06.2012 //

Oscar Meza has a gnarly commercial for Destructo. This kids is good!


asmith photos: Stevie Perez

07.05.2012 //

Aaron Smith brings you some photos of Stevie Perez for this week’s blog post. Check out what Stevie’s been doing while filming for Pretty Sweet.

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Stacks Sebo Walker Commercial

07.05.2012 //

Stacks has a creative commercial of Sebo Walker doing some lines at a school yard. Always good stuff.

2012_SUPRA _EuroTour_Poster_18x28-FINAL


07.05.2012 //

Supra is doing a European tour July 13th-28th with Erik Ellington, Terry Kennedy, Tom Penny, Lizard King, Stevie Williams, Kevin Romar, Keelan Dadd, Spencer Hamilton, Furby, Boo Johnson, Lucien Clarke, and Flo Mirtain. Check out the flyer for more information.

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Luis Tolentino For Thunder Trucks

07.05.2012 //

Luis Tolentino ripping for Thunder Trucks and the new Thunder Hollow Lights.