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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith Born and raised in Kansas City. Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine

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Nike #skateeverydamnday Omar Salazar

06.29.2012 //

Nike has released Omar’s Roots video and his Lookbook but all of skateboarding needs your help to tweet #skateeverydamnday to unlock his footage. Head over and check it out and lend a hand to let the world see more Omar footage. The world needs more Omar!!


Bro Style Video “Street Shark”

06.29.2012 //

Bro Style has another amazing video. This time it’s with sharks and Johnny Layton. Be sure to watch the very end. It will be worth it!

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Converse Kenny Anderson KA-One Vulc Videos

06.29.2012 //

Converse just released 3 parts of their upcoming 5 part series about Kenny Anderson’s new shoe the KA – One Vulc. Watch Kenny and Reda plan a road trip to Vegas to destroy Kenny’s new shoe.


asmith photos: Random Group of Skate Flicks

06.28.2012 //

Aaron Smith has some photos of Lizard King, Clark Hassler, Nick Merlino, Michael O’Toole, John Fitzgerald, Marquis Preston, Matt Bennett, Moose, and Alec Jamir in this week’s blog. Check it out!

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Duffs The Pedro Files – Episode 1 with Cooper Wilt

06.28.2012 //

Duffs has a fun day in the life with Cooper Wilt. Check it out and see what spots he shreds on a day to day basis. A little Seu Trinh cameo doesn’t hurt too.


Tony Evjenth Memorial Skate Jam

06.28.2012 //

The first annual Tony Evjenth Memorial Skate Jam and Best Trick Contest will be going down Saturday July 14th and the Santa Rosa Skate Park. It’s all happening from noon to 6pm. Come out and support a good thing!

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06.28.2012 //

Looks like Independent Trucks killed two birds with one stone. Check out this 5X5 with Slash asking some questions to Andrew Reynolds. Do you want to know what Reynolds wants to learn on transition next? Well then watch this video and find out bro!

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Reemo Pearson for Elm

06.28.2012 //

Elm has a little one trick video of Reemo Pearson. One trick may sound lame but you’ll change your mind after you want it. Reemo’s got one hell of a nollie hardflip.


Vans Downtown Showdown in Amsterdam

06.28.2012 //

The Vans Downtown Showdown will be in Amsterdam this year. Top US riders like Johnny Layton, Billy Marks, Matt Bennett, Daniel Lutheran, Geoff Rowley, David Gonzales, Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez and more will be joining up with some of the top European riders in hopes to grab the 50,000 Euro prize. Check out the flyer and press release for more information.

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Hoon Skateboards Video

06.28.2012 //

Hoon Skateboards has an 8 minute video of some really gnarly skating. Check it out!