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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith Born and raised in Kansas City. Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine

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Vans Team Kills Metallica Orion Fest

06.25.2012 //

Mini ramp sesh infront of 25,000 screaming fans and Metallica? The Vans team just had the most epic time of their lives. Check it out!


Go Skateboarding Day in NYC

06.22.2012 //

Jonathan Mehring captured from Go Skateboarding Day action in NYC featuring some local talent and the Nike guys.


Dwindle Go Skateboarding Day At Venice Skatepark

06.21.2012 //

Dwindle put on a crazy Go Skateboarding Day event at the Venice Skatepark. It was a mad house. So many people came out from local rippers, veteran shredders, pros, spectators, and even a hobo or two. It was pretty much a free for all and everyone was killing it.


asmith photos: Austyn Gillette

06.21.2012 //

Aaron Smith brings you some photos of Austyn Gillette for his weeks blog post. Check out what he was able to handle in only two days of shooting.

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Zoo York Chaz Ortiz Video Trailer

06.21.2012 //

Zoo York and Chaz Ortiz are planning on dropping something really big on 7/10/12. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Eric Koston Epicly Later’d Trailer

06.21.2012 //

The folks over at Epicly Later’d are keeping the flame hot with coming off Arto and right into Koston. This is going to be good!

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Vans Catching Up With Geoff Rowley

06.21.2012 //

Vans caught up with Geoff Rowley and asked him a few questions about his summer plans, his plans for his son, his new shoe, Arto Saari’s epic slam and talks about the first person ever to slide up a rail. It wasn’t Leo.


Bro Style – A New Company

06.21.2012 //

Find out more information by clicking!

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Ammo Go Skateboarding Day Video

06.21.2012 //

As if you needed a reason to go skate today Ammo has provided one. Check out this cool video of a whole bunch of skating from a whole bunch of people.

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Nike SB: Eric Koston’s Roots in Control

06.20.2012 //

Nike SB is embarking on a new feature where they will focus on different signature shoe rider: Eric Koston, Omar Salazar, Stefan Janoski and Paul Rodriguez, as well as seeing Sean Malto and Alex Olson in the mix. They will be hosting a contest through their Twitter @nikesb as well. Check out the trailer and head to their site for more info.