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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith Born and raised in Kansas City. Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine

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06.18.2012 //

Daewon just put out 4 and a half minutes of extra footage from Almost’s 5 Incher video. Check out this madness!

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adidas Skateboarding in Melbourne

06.18.2012 //

The Adidas team put together an 8 minute video from their two week trip to Melbourne featuring Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Pete Eldridge, Benny Fairfax, Nestor Judkins, Lem Villemin, Jake Donnelly, Vince del Valle, Chewy Cannon, and the Australia Team. Check it out!

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DC Shoes Street League Ontario Highlights

06.18.2012 //

Let’s be honestly, were any of your surprised that Nyjah Huston won Street League in Ontario? I sure wasn’t. The kid is good! DC Shoes put together a cool little video of the highlights from this past Street League featuring Sean Malto, Chaz Ortiz, David Gonzalez, Peter Ramondetta, Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira and Nyjah Huston.

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06.18.2012 //

Element is starting a really cool program where they are taking old boards and recycling them into cruiser boards. Check out the process and go get one. You’ll be getting a great board and helping this big blue ball we all live on.

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Nestor Judkins and Josh Harmony RVCA Commercials

06.18.2012 //

Nestor Judkins and Josh Harmony both have two rad RVCA commercials. Check them out.


Made in Emerica Tour: Nashville Demo

06.18.2012 //

Emerica has another video from it’s Made in Emerica tour. This time at 6th Ave. Skatepark in Nashville. Check out the ripping from Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Jerry Hsu, Brandon Westgate, Figgy, Collin Provost and Trevor Colden.

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Weekend At Wade’s With Black Label

06.18.2012 //

The Black Label crew went up to Wade Speyer’s ranch to enjoy some of the country life. Starring: Tyler Mumma, Riley Stevens, Brandon Perelson, Peter Watkins, Javan Campello, Peter Raffin, and Wade Speyer. With appearances by John Lucero, Salman Agah, the Speyer family, Jerry Gurney, Mason Merlino, and many more.

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Under Our Feet With Etnies and GoPro

06.18.2012 //

Etnies and GoPro are teaming up together for a contest. All you have to do to win some cool stuff is name all the tricks in each skaters line from the footage of the GoPro that’s attached to the bottom of their board. Go watch the video and good luck!

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Zach Gillespy Welcome To Landshark Wheels

06.15.2012 //

Zach Gillespy is the newest addition to Landshark Wheels. Check out his bangin 4 and a half minute video.

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Street League Ontario Practice Videos

06.15.2012 //

We assembled a few different practice videos from the upcoming Street League featuring the DC team, Chaz Ortiz, Paul Rodriguez, Jimmy Carlin and Shane O’Neill. Check out what is already doing down and just imagine how crazy it’s really going to get.