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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith Born and raised in Kansas City. Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine

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Vans Omar Hassan Week Day 5: Acosta’s Angles

06.15.2012 //

Vans week with Omar Hassan continues with some photos from the talented Anthony Acosta. Check out some good flicks along with some stories.

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Mark Suciu “I love Soccer” Barcelona Line

06.15.2012 //

It appears that sometimes in Barcelona you have to deal with other things besides cops and skate stopper. The new annoying thing to skateboarders is…. kids playing soccer. Mark Suciu conquered all the distractions and did an amazing line. Watch it now.

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Made In Emerica Birmingham Alabama Demo

06.15.2012 //

The Emerica guys did their second demo at the Faith Skateshop in Birmingham Alabama. Check it out.

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Crailtap Val Surf Demo

06.15.2012 //

The Girl and Chocolate guys did a little demo with Val Surf In support of (RED) Rush Week. Check it out.

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Gilbert Crockett RAW Footage

06.15.2012 //

Raw Gilbert Crokett footage you say? Well what the hell am I still doing not watching it!?


asmith photos: That White Rail In Long Beach

06.14.2012 //

This week Aaron Smith brings you some photos from a hot spot in Long Beach. Check out what he was able to document on this tall mellow white rail in Southern California.


Vans Get Out And Do Something Tour

06.14.2012 //

Join legendary Vans Pro Skateboarders Ray Barbee and John Cardiel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the first leg of the Vans “Get Out and Do Something” Tour stretching through four stops in Florida and in Atlanta. Featuring live music by Ray and the Mattson 2 followed by John Cardiel spinning his favorite music and much much more!


Etnies Jose Rojo Shoe Release This Saturday

06.14.2012 //

This Saturday in San Jose, California Jose Rojo will be celebrating his new shoe on Etnies and will be joined by Cairo Foster, Nick Garcia, Devine Calloway, Ryan Pearce, Barney Page and Aidan Campbell. This skate jam will take place at the Mayfair Skatepark. Make it out if you can for Enties give-aways, free tacos and much more!

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Casey Rigney Pro For Arcade Skateboards

06.14.2012 //

Remember Casey Rigney? Well he’s pro now for Arcade Skateboards. They put out a video of lots of old and new footage that explains why he’s pro. I think you’ll understand after watching it.

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Vans Omar Hassan Top 5

06.14.2012 //

Vans week with Omar Hassan continues with his Top 5 places around Costa Mesa, California.