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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith Born and raised in Kansas City. Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine

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Dew Tour Video Highlights

10.24.2012 //

The Dew Tour has a bunch of videos from their contest this past weekend in San Francisco. Check out Ryan Sheckler’s and Nyjah Huston’s winning lines as well as a whole bunch of other highlight.

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10.24.2012 //

LRG put together some highlights of Felipe Gustavo from the Dew Tour in San Francisco this past weekend. How he got fifth place with tricks and lines like these are beyond my understanding. Check it out.

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“once bk, always bk” Charley Ford ten questions

10.23.2012 //

The Skateboarder Community as a whole just lost an amazing skateboarder and over all human being this past weekend. Check out this video from earlier this year with Charley Ford and a bunch of his homies. Our thoughts and preyers go out to his friends and family.



10.23.2012 //

SUPRA will be embarking on a tour of select cities in Asia at the beginning of November featuring Stevie Williams and Erik Ellington, with Neen Williams, Kevin Romar, Boo Johnson, Keelan Dadd, Spencer Hamilton, and Bjorn Johnston. Click through for more information.

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10.23.2012 //

Grosso gives a Love Letter to the girls that have been apart of skateboarding. Check out the video and take a quick look inside of what it’s like to be a girl skateboarder.

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A Slice of Life with Stevie Perez

10.23.2012 //

Girl/Chocolate just put out a rad little video with Stevie Perez. Click through to check out his home life and him shredding a couple parks. Good stuff.

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Paul Rodriguez Life Part 1

10.23.2012 //

Paul Rodriguez opens up about the importance and influence of his family in the premiere episode of his new series “Life,” exclusively on Network A. New episode dropping every Tuesday. Good stuff. Check it out!

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Jaime Thomas Halloween 1998 Edit

10.23.2012 //

Zero has a Halloween edit with a bunch of footage of Jaime Thomas from back in 1998. This footage would be gnarly today and he did it close to 15 years ago.

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Welcome Skateboards Kody Carnahan and Logan Devlin Video

10.23.2012 //

Welcome Skateboards has a cool video with Kody Carnahan and Logan Devlin. Click through to check it out.

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Brick Harbor Presents: Jack Curtin in San Francisco

10.23.2012 //

Brick Harbor has a rad video of Jack Curtin skating the streets of San Francisco. They even start off the video with a voice over from Stevie Williams. How can you go wrong? Check it out.