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Brian Blakely

Brian Blakely

23, originally from San Marcos, CA - currently in San Clemente, CA

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Manolo’s Tapes x 20 Years of Girl Skateboards

08.22.2013 //

13 and a half minutes of your favorite skateboarders from Girl over the past 20 years. A must watch!

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Connor Champion for Bones Bearings

08.22.2013 //

Connor Champion comes through with just over 3 minutes of footage for Bones Bearings.

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Skaters Atlas: Chet Childress Featured Artist

08.22.2013 //

Chet Childress talks about why Denver inspires him not only for skateboarding but for art as well.

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Curren Caples & Greyson Fletcher in NYC

08.21.2013 //

Curren Caples and Greyson Fletcher bring their surfy style to the streets of New York.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 8.44.12 AM

Tyler Surrey for Mosaic Bearings

08.21.2013 //

Here is a collection of clips of Tyler Surrey from over the years hyping up his new slot on Mosaic Bearings.

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Sebo Walker Night Skating in the City

08.21.2013 //

Just a few minutes of Sebo Walker having fun, cruising around a city’s downtown at night.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 8.27.11 AM

“Paper Trail” by Joe Pease

08.21.2013 //

Joe Pease experiments some new techniques with animation in this rad little video. Watch it inside!


Krooked Fall 2013 Drop Number 3

08.20.2013 //

There is a grip of new and awesome products from the Krooked dudes that just dropped. Head inside to check them out.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.57.51 AM

DC SHOES: Cyril Jackson Part

08.20.2013 //

Cyril Jackson comes through with some bangers for DC hyping up his Council S Baker collab shoe.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.52.57 AM

Magenta Skateboards Welcomes Ben Gore

08.20.2013 //

High speed lines and powerful pop are two reasons Ben Gore is now riding for Magenta Skateboards.

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