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Brian Blakely

Brian Blakely

23, originally from San Marcos, CA - currently in San Clemente, CA

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Sequel – DVD OUT NOW!

07.01.2013 //

SEQUEL – DVD out now! Feat. Bert Wootton, Chris Blake, and many, many more! Peep the trailer inside!

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Live Skateboard Media: Burmese Days

07.01.2013 //

If you like skateboarding in crazy, foreign countries, you’ll like this video! A trip to Myanmar.

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Raw Jordan Hoffart Footage

07.01.2013 //

Jordan Hoffart is an underrated ripper! Here are some raw clips of Jordan proving just that.

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Street League 2013: Munich X-Games Full Video Recap

07.01.2013 //

Here is a full video recap of the 2013 Street League finals at the Munich X-Games. Over 50 minutes of footage!

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Back in the Day: Sean Conover

07.01.2013 //

Go back in time with Creature’s Sean Conover in this video from Tim Cisilino featuring some classic Conover clips.

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Chris Pfanner at Nuremberg Skate Park

07.01.2013 //

Shortly after the new Nuremberg park was finished, Chris Pfanner paid the crew a visit to test the concrete.

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Vans Chima Ferguson Pro Video

07.01.2013 //

Chima skates the streets of Sydney, Australia and ends with a bang in this quick clip from Vans in celebration of his new pro ranking!

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Supra: New TK Stacks Vulc

07.01.2013 //

New Terry Kennedy pro model from Supra, the Stacks. Check the video inside!

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Waters and Army 2013 Edit

07.01.2013 //

Head to the Waters and Army website and check their newest edit in NYC!

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Arbor Collective: The Whiskey Project

07.01.2013 //

The Whiskey Project is a video project shining the limelight on Venice, CA’s up-and-coming rippers!