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Brian Blakely

Brian Blakely

23, originally from San Marcos, CA - currently in San Clemente, CA

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Nike SB: Eric Koston 2 Chomp Ollie Tour

06.21.2013 //

Nike trekked over 6,000 miles in a pizza trailer in celebration of the Koston 2 release hitting 6 countries and 16 cities! Check the video!

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Typical Culture – Colorado Mashing

06.21.2013 //

The San Diego zine Typical Culture shoved some dudes in a van and took them to Colorado to shred! Video inside.


WORLD: Long Hard Summer Tour

06.20.2013 //

The World crew is hitting the road for a Summer tour to do some signings and demos. Flyer inside!

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Lakai: Venice to Venice Guy Mariano

06.20.2013 //

Guy Mariano falls asleep on a gondella in Venice Beach, CA and wakes up in Venice, Italy.

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Stereophonic Sound: Tony Karr

06.20.2013 //

“Tony Karr could be Mark Gonzales’ little brother. And he’s as good as Mark too” – Jason Lee


Daniel Lutheran Pro Party

06.20.2013 //

Daniel Lutheran had no clue he was turning pro on Tuesday, but the bros got together for the ultimate surprise!

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Skateboarder Magazine Warm Up Clip: Alex Midler

06.20.2013 //

Alex Midler warms up with a kickflip front board and then gets dumped into a trashcan by P-Rod.


Mason Merlino talks Mob Grip

06.20.2013 //

In this episode of Talkin’ Mob, Mason Merlino grips up a fresh board and skates a proper coastal Californian mini ramp.

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2013 Volcom Amsterdam Am

06.20.2013 //

Europes premiere amateur street skateboarding contest, the Volcom Amsterdam Am, will be on July 12, 13, and 14 this year. Details inside!

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#DanLuPro Photo Contest

06.20.2013 //

Click through to learn more about the Dan Lu Pro photo contest from the dudes at Toy Machine!