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Brian Blakely

Brian Blakely

23, originally from San Marcos, CA - currently in San Clemente, CA

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Orchard Breeze On The Rocks

04.16.2013 //

Orchard is one of the many core shops that carry the printed version of our #newskateboarder magazine out in the Boston area. They just released this rad commercial of them skating a bunch of rock spots and it’s pretty sick. If you’re in the area, stop by the shop and pick up a mag!

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Brendan Keaveny Lurkville Commercial

04.15.2013 //

Watch Brendan Keaveny break his rib on a gnarly double-kink handrail in this “Meet The Lurkers” commercial from Lurkville. Meet The Lurkers is premiering soon, head to their site for premiere dates and more!

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Riley Hawk Shepdawgs Mini Teaser

04.15.2013 //

Shep Dawgs vol. 4 is coming… Here’s Riley Hawk with the first mini teaser.

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Shaun Gregoire for Destructo

04.14.2013 //

One of the east coast’s hidden treasures, Shaun Gregoire, comes through with a solid 2:30 of footage in this video for Destructo.

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David Gonzalez: The Sabbath

04.13.2013 //

David Gonzalez is a fucking beast! His new shoe for Globe is looking pretty sick, and this commercial to go along with it is heavy. Buckle up as David blasts down a few hills, destroys a few pools, and ends the day at a Vista, CA spot that most won’t dare touch!

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Dekline Footwear: AZ Hike

04.12.2013 //

The Dekline team took to the hills of the Arizona desert and found this gem! Holy shit! Click through to see the session and prepare yourself to envy Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Matt Bennett, Nick Merlino, Ryan Spencer, Blake Carpenter, and Dakota Servold for being able to skate this amazing spot!

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Hopps Skateboards Commercial

04.12.2013 //

Hopps Skateboards has a sick new commercial featuring Jahmal Williams, Jerry Fowler, Joel Meinholz and Steve Brandi.


Chrome Ball Roundtable: Eric Koston

04.12.2013 //

Lance Mountain, Tim Gavin, and Paul Rodriguez sit down and talk about all things Koston in this Chrome Ball Roundtable! This one is damn good! Check it out inside.

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Sheckler’s X Games Brazil Road To Recovery

04.12.2013 //

About a month before Sheckler was set to skate X-Games Brazil, he got hurt trying a gnarly gap to back lip on a double set handrail out in Australia. X-Games caught up with Ryan to see how he’s been recovering in the coming days before he heads to Brazil. Hear his story inside.

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In4mation Partners With Spitfire

04.12.2013 //

In4mation is pleased to announce that is has partnered with Spitfire for a limited-collaboration and will be releasing a limited-edition set of wheels and a T-shirt that marries the aesthetic of both brands. Check out the video inside!

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