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Brian Blakely

Brian Blakely

23, originally from San Marcos, CA - currently in San Clemente, CA


Bones: Ben Raybourn Uncut

04.08.2013 //

Click through to watch the uncut footage from Ben Raybourn’s heavy-ass NBD at Burnside.


Tom Remillard for Expedition One

04.08.2013 //

Expedition One welcomes Tom Remillard to their team with this short-but-sweet welcome video. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Expedition One and Remillard in the near future!


Jim Greco: Studio to the Streets

04.08.2013 //

In this new “Studio To The Streets” episode, Jim Greco takes his signature Hammer out of the clean SUPRA studio environment and gets busy with it in the street—where it belongs.


Toy Machine in Mexicali

04.08.2013 //

The Toy Machine crew spent a two-day bender in the rough streets of Mexicali doing some demos and hitting the streets. Check the edit inside!


Quartersnacks: Eli Reed Remix

04.08.2013 //

Quartersnacks has a super rad remix edit from a bunch of Eli Reed’s recent footage! Check it out inside and get stoked!



04.08.2013 //

DC is asking everyone to join the movement in legalizing Wes Kremer’s new pro model shoe, the Wes Kremer Pro! Yes on Wes! Yes on Wes!


Weekend Buzz with Richie Jackson and Sierra Fellers

04.05.2013 //

The Buzz gets a little weird this week with Richie Jackson and Sierra Fellers, but we wouldn’t expect anything else, right? Click through and see for yourself!

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Skateboarder Magazine – Sebo Walker Lives In A Van – Apr/May 2012 Issue

04.05.2013 //

Out of the archives and on to the internet, we bring you a Sebo Walker interview from our Apr/May 2012 issue! Sebo rips and he used to live in a Van. Go back in time and see what Sebo was up to around this time last year.


Taylor Kirby in Shep Dawgs Volume 3

04.05.2013 //

Taylor Kirby is the truth! Watch his part in Shep Dawgs Volume 3 and get stoked.


New Tommy Sandoval Krux Pro Model

04.05.2013 //

Tommy Sandoval talks about a decade of riding Krux and his new signature truck and delivers some clips of raw shredding.

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