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Brian Blakely

Brian Blakely

23, originally from San Marcos, CA - currently in San Clemente, CA


CCS Trick Mix with Tum Yeto

03.29.2013 //

The Toy Machine and Foundation crew hit the Tum Yeto ramp for a good ol’ fashioned ramp jam. Watch as T-Spliff, Johnny Layton, Josh Harmony, Ryan Spencer, Sierra Fellers, Billy Marks, and more tear through the ramp in this Trick Mix from CCS.


Skateboarder Magazine – Jamie Thomas: Memory Screened – Feb/Mar 2012 Issue

03.29.2013 //

Check out Jamie Thomas’s Memory Screened article from our Dec-Jan 2012 issue and see the five pro models he chose to talk about (out of the hundreds that he has)!


Weekend Buzz with Ishod Wair and Trevor Colden

03.29.2013 //

This week on the Weekend Buzz, Ishod Wair and Trevor Colden sit down and talk about the human centipede, defective hamsters, gay bars, Biggie vs. Tupac, lost virginity and much more.


Daewon Song LOUD Headphones Contest

03.29.2013 //

LOUD Headphones is hosting a rad contest on their Facebook Page where you can win a free pair of Daewon Song’s signature buds. Click through for the flyer and details.


Pretty Sweet Bonus Video on iTunes

03.29.2013 //

If you couldn’t get enough of Pretty Sweet, don’t sweat. A 48 minute Pretty Sweet Bonus video is now available on iTunes. Click through to check the trailer!


2012 RAT Skate Tour Points Champions Crowned

03.28.2013 //

Click through for a snap shot of RAT Tour Champions Dakota Camp and Will Cortez and their road to the 2012 RAT street and bowl championship runs!


Shane Heyl Raps With Lil Wayne

03.28.2013 //

Shane Heyl’s unique voice and lyrics can be heard on a track in Lil Wayne’s newest album. Click through to learn more about this unexpected music collaboration.


Battle Commander: Matt Miller

03.28.2013 //

Matt Miller brings his gnarly pop and unique technical style to the Berrics and now holds the position of Battle Commander. Click through to see for yourself!


The Lost Ghetto Kid: Rodrigo Lima

03.28.2013 //

In early 2012, without any warning, Rodrigo Lima parted ways with DGK just months before their highly anticipated video Parental Advisory was about to drop. His name was pulled from the roster and his footage was removed from the video. Click through to find out why.


7 Seconds At Svitak’s With JT Aultz

03.26.2013 //

JT Aultz stops by Svitak’s backyard ramp to skate some tight transition and taste some pool coping. Click through to see what JT pulls on the newest segment of 7 Seconds At Svitak’s.

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