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Russian skate video: FARSH

06.16.2011 //

FARSH from NASVAYblog on Vimeo. New Russian skatevideo featuring: Yura Renov, Stas Provotorov, Maksim Ryazanov, Maksim Laptev, Ivan Uvarov and many more. Foreigners: Samu Karvonen, Fabian Verhaeghe, Moggins, Troy West, Dan Cates, Miki Taktinen and others. All around the world footage from: Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia, Germany, Israel, China, Egypt, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic. […]

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Clint Peterson for Stride 2.0 gum…

06.15.2011 //

Upgrade to Stride 2.0. Or Shaun White and Clint Peterson will do it for you.

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The Skateboard Kid

06.15.2011 //

Skateboarding’s 2nd downturn might be directly attributed to this amazing movie….Check out some highlights

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Dylan Rieder Street League Kansas City 2011

06.14.2011 //

Watch Dylan crush the the Kansas City Street League course…courtesy of Mr. Rob Brink

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06.13.2011 //

Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with skateboarding at all…but it might just give all you haters something to think about…I know I really enjoyed it, I hope some of you do too…

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Aaron Suski Emerica Stay Gold B-Side

06.10.2011 //

Aaron Suski Emerica Stay Gold B-Side

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06.08.2011 //

Extremities by Eli Stonberg.
A pretty crazy Go-Pro video…

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Matt Bennett + RED camera

06.07.2011 //

Matt Bennett, Clint Walker, Gonzalo Hernandez and Shawn Hale recently helped RED with a shoot to demonstrate the new Scarlet 8x fixed camera. The camera is capable of shooting 120fps+ at 3k raw and at the moment is scheduled to hit the market this fall for a loosely estimated cost of around 6k.

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Lance was right….

06.07.2011 //

Art imitates life?

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Excellent Fail Compilation

06.06.2011 //

Excellent Fail Compilation (contains some skateboarding)

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