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The Last Fiesta

04.14.2011 //

The Last Fiesta’ by Pale Horse is a 12-skateboard deck, Lucha Libre rendition of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ with Christos Mysterio and his 12 Luchador apostles getting down one last time.

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Real Skateboards Spring 2011 Drop 2 Now Live

03.09.2011 //

Real’s new catalog drop is here including a new behind the scenes Since Day One clip, premiere info, info on johnny Kicks Cancer benefits coming to a skate shop near you, new Lmtd edt. blue Dune Peters Actions Realized deck coming 3/11, and your ticket to ride, a chance to win a visit from one of the Real team riders in your hometown.

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Razor aftermath! Camera #2

02.07.2011 //

Razor face smash KO camera 2

extreme sitting

eXtreme Sitting is here!

02.07.2011 //

Drop that razor scooter and join the craze sweeping Eastern Europe! Sit! It really seems to be a real thing? Really!

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Don’t have any friends?

01.04.2011 //

I really don’t understand the demographic these people are going for?


Magnets, how do they work?

01.04.2011 //

Actually they don’t!

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He’s on FIRE!

01.03.2011 //

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This can’t be good…

12.22.2010 //

I don’t even know what to say…goodbye balls and pelvis

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