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Weekend Buzz with Nick Trapasso, Tom Remillard and Robbie Russo

08.03.2012 //

Robbie Russo stopped in for a quick interview while at Coastal Carnage, then Nicky Love and Tom Grom sat down for the main course. Watch it to find out about the twist wrists, new shoes, essentials and life extenders.

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Real Skateboards Presents Jake Donnelly Pushing Buffalo

08.03.2012 //

Real has a new video of Jake Donnelly heading home to Buffalo, NY to push around and hit some of the spots he grew up skating with the homies he grew up skating them with. Also involved is a limited line from each of the Pushing series towns and the riders from there. Check them all out here.

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Fall 2012 Independent Trucks Catalog

08.03.2012 //

Indy has their new fall catalog online for your viewing and wishlisting pleasure. It’ll have you goin’ all Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, “I’ll take three of these, four of those, a couple of them…”

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Mountain Dew and Lil Wayne Announced Partnership with Stoked Mentorship

08.02.2012 //

DEWeezy Projects partner with Stoked Mentorship and plan development of New Orleans Skatepark.

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DQM Welcomes Gino Iannucci

08.02.2012 //

Gino is now repping DQM. Check out the welcome video here.

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DC Presents Bid Farewell to Mikey Taylor’s Civic

08.02.2012 //

Mikey Taylor’s had the same care since basically forever and now with his new pro shoe on DC and becoming a daddy, he’s got to get rid of it and move on to bigger and more family friendly transportation. His loss is your gain though as he and DC filled it up with his new shoe and are auctioning it off on eBAY. Find out more here.

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Baker’ “Insensitive” Skateboard Graphic Backlash

08.02.2012 //

Apparently Don Nguyen’s new pro deck, “Gooks of Hazzard,” is pissing off the Asian-American communities.

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Epicly Later’d Eric Koston Part 4

08.02.2012 //

Part 4 of the Eric Koston story recalls how he went from the World Industries camp at 101 to moving on for the start of Girl Skateboards, his part in Golfish and other awesome skate history.

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Fall Fourstar Catalog Drop

08.02.2012 //

Fourstar’s newest and truest goods just plopped down in all their glory in the Fall 2012 catalog available for your Web perusal here.

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Jordan Maxham Welcome to Warco Video

08.02.2012 //

Warco just dropped a proper welcome video with a whole part from their latest heavy hitter, Jordan Maxham, who goes great humongous on just about everything.

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