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Lost Etnies Footage from Down Under

12.20.2011 //

Sam Maguire has a batch of footage from the Etnies trip down under from a while back. Nick Garcia, Sheckler, Big Red, Kyle Leeper and more appear in this bangin’ homie clip. (Via Hellaclips)

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5Boro Holiday 2011 Lookbook

12.20.2011 //

Got a 5Boro batch of goods and videos up live. New Holiday lookbook with a video and a 5Boro minute with Mark Nardelli

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New Baker Boys Weekend Warriors

12.20.2011 //

Baker Boys is back with another weekend warriors edit with all the boys. The Goat, the Boss, Neen, Beagle, Ellington, Grecs, Braydon, Doughnut and more. Check it check it.

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Six Pack with Kyle Berard

12.20.2011 //

Strangenotes presents a six pack of tricks from Kyle Berard at Washington St.

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Jeff Grosso’s Love Letter to Footplants

12.20.2011 //

A little history into the footplant. Eric Grisham, Neil Blender, Duane Peters, and of course Jeff Grosso delve into the origin and the variations that came afterwards in this Jeff Grosso love letters to Skateboarding

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8th Annual Etnies Holiday Festival Recap

12.20.2011 //

The Etnies family hosted a holiday festival last week to give away shoes to hundreds of kids and have their team rip up the Skatepark of Lake Forest for them. Check out a little audiovisual recap here.

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New Dan Plunkett Huf Footwear Commercial

12.20.2011 //

Dan Plunkett has a new commercial for Huf Footwear with a sweet line.

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Skateboarder Magazine’s Best of 2011: Brandon Westgate

12.19.2011 //

Take a walk down memory lane with us as we journey back through the year’s best videos, events, new pros, new product, sponsor changes and more. We’ll start it off with Brandon Westage, who hit hard early in the New Year with his Pro Shoe part, and continued killing it all year.


Product Toss: Effigy Skateboards Package

12.19.2011 //

Enter your information below for a chance to win a box from upstart brand Effigy Skateboards.

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It’s Time to Get Chity

12.19.2011 //

Our old intern Tucker and his homies who run the Chity Blog out of Chicago put together a new video and it is available now. Check out the trailer and find out how you can get a copy.

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