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Volcom’s Japan Recovery Tour

10.19.2011 //

After the tragedy in Japan earlier this year Volcom took Suski, Duncombe, Provost, Chima there to do a tour to raise funds for the recovery process, which Volcom’s Japanese rider, Yuki Furihata, had laid the groundwork for the rest of the team. Check out the video and find out how you can still help Japan’s recovery process.

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Zoo York Travis Glover Interview

10.19.2011 //

Zoo’s got an interview with their young Atlantan Travis Glover

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The High 5 Welcomes Justin Modica

10.19.2011 //

The High 5 welcomes their newest am with a little help from Mango.

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20 Years of Fred Gall

10.18.2011 //

Habitat just posted a 20 year retrospective piece on Frederick John Gall. Old ads, board graphics, and more awesomeness from the one and only Frederick John Gall.

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OJ Wheels Road Loggin’ Part 1

10.18.2011 //

The OJ Wheels team seems to have hit up the Northwest for some tour action and to fill their need for ‘crete. Frecks, Cranston, Peter Watkins and some more get shralpy.

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Vans’ Selective Memory Recap

10.18.2011 //

Vans posted their photos and a their recap from Greg Hunt’s Selective Memory photo show


Etnies Goes East

10.18.2011 //

The Etnies team heads east for the first time in three years. Sheckler, Brophy, Rojo, Willow, Nick Garcia, Cairo, Bledsoe and more!

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Globe Journey to Valhalla

10.18.2011 //

The Globe team hit up Europe from July 4-12. Rodney Mullen, David Gonzalez, Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, Luan Oliveira, and Louie Lopez destroyed Europe for the first time since Globe’s EUnited Tour in 2009. The whole crew pushed through Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Oslo.

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Design a Tee 13 with Jerry Hsu

10.18.2011 //

Emerica has their Design a Tee contest up and running again and Jerry wants you to combine lifestyle and skateboarding in the theme of your design. Check out this video and the Emerica site for the nuts and bolts of how and what to enter.


The Tuesday 25 with Ryan Spencer

10.17.2011 //

Another Foundation am is in the spotlight for our Tuesday 25. Today it’s Ryan Spencer who likes Spam, cruising, and telling people to hide yo wife, hide yo kids. Foundation’s WTF! coming soon.

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