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Jaime Owens

Jaime Owens

Praise Marty Moose!

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New Royal Trucks Site & Cory Kennedy Commercial

01.29.2013 //

Royal Trucks just redid their site and it looks real nice. They also posted this sick Cory Kennedy commercial to melt your eyeballs! Check it.

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Crailtap’s Lost & Filmed: Guy Mariano

01.28.2013 //

Crailtap just posted their Lost & Filmed with some Guy Mariano gems that didn’t make the cut for Pretty Sweet. All Hail Mariano!

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Brain Farm Welcomes Ty Evans

01.28.2013 //

Brain Farm Cinema welcomes Ty Evans to their filming team in this video introduction. Expect to see some a skate film from them and Ty set to be released sometime in 2014.


Total Recall: Cairo Foster Interview Nov/Dec. 2001

01.27.2013 //

Check out Cairo Foster’s 2001 interview in Skateboarder Magazine in this week’s edition of Total Recall shot by Oliver Barton.


Raiders of the Archives: Rick Kosick Part 1 of 2

01.25.2013 //

This Raiders of the Archives features Legendary Big Brother magazine photographer Rick Kosick who gain even more fame by being a part of the MTV Jackass crew. Check out part 1 of 2 here where Rick digs through his old magazine collection and tells the story of hwo he got started in the skateboard industry and how Steve Rocco gave him an unlimited credit card.

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Brave: Skateboarder Tommy Carroll Has Been Blind Since Age of 2

01.24.2013 //

Tommy Carroll has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two. Watch this awesomely shot video of Tommy skating his local park and get stoked. This will make your day and it’s truly inspirational.


Owens Photo: Lewis Marnell Tribute

01.23.2013 //

Just a little tribute with some Lewis Marnell photos that I shot on a 2010 Volcom trip to Sydney. I still can’t believe that Lewis is gone. His positive personality and stylish skating made a huge impact on everyone he met. R.I.P. Lewis Marnell 1983-2013.

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2nd Annual Helliez Awards

01.21.2013 //

Our bros at Hellaclips just posted their 2nd annual Helliez awards video featuring Colin McKay, Josh Kalis, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Sk8Mafia and hella more!

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 10.05.51 PM

Yaje Popson Full Part

01.21.2013 //

We’ve been backing Yaje Popson for a while now. Check out his sick full part from the Dece video and all the ripping that ensues.

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 7.47.42 AM

Adidas Skateboarding Euro Lines With Dennis Busenitz

01.21.2013 //

What a way to start your week off some three minutes of Dennis Fucking Busenitz! Good morning!

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