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Jaime Owens

Jaime Owens

Praise Marty Moose!


Skateboarder’s 2011 Sunset Rampage 2 – Photo Recap Part 3

09.29.2011 //

Just a few more behind the scenes photos from our Sunset Rampage mini-ramp jam presented by Analog and Gravis last week at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood.


Bones & A.Skate Foundation Collabo Wheel

09.29.2011 //

Our friends over at the A.Skate Foundation and Bones Wheels have collaborated on set of wheels to benefit the A.Skate Foundation.


“Leisure ‘Til You Seizure” Fourstar Demo & Signing

09.29.2011 //

Carroll, Howard, Mariano, Koston, Anderson and more will be at Epidemic Skateshop on October 15. Check the flyer for more details.

Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 11.56.22 AM

Osiris In South America Part 2 Video

09.28.2011 //

The Osiris Shoes South American skate tour continues! In part 2, Caswell Berry, Corey Duffel, JT Aultz, and Alexandre Massotti head to the South American countries of Venezuela and Colombia with a bangin 80′s soundtrack to boot.


Skateboarder’s 2011 Sunset Rampage 2 – Photo Recap Part 2

09.28.2011 //

Skateboarder’s 2011 Sunset Rampage 2 photo recap part two.


Skateboarder Magazine’s Sunset Rampage 2 Exclusive Video

09.27.2011 //

It’s finally here. Skateboarder’s Sunset Rampage 2 exclusive video presented by Analog & Gravis with all of the mini-ramp jamming on the Sunset Strip you could ask for. The video features: Arto Saari, Lance Mountain, Spanky, Andrew Langi, Ben Nordberg, Curren Caples, Chad Bartie, Dave Bachinsky and more.


Skateboarder’s 2011 Sunset Rampage 2 Photo Recap Part 1

09.23.2011 //

Check out photos from our second annual Sunset Rampage mini-ramp jam at the Standard hotel in Hollywood presented by Analog & Gravis. This is just part 1 of more photos and videos coming your way featuring Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, Stefan Janoski, Dustin Dollin, Spanky, Chad Bartie, Andrew Langi and more.

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 12.00.22 PM

Deluxe Distribution Helping A.Skate Foundation Win 50K Grant From Pepsi

09.21.2011 //

Our friends over at Deluxe Distribution have set up a site to make it very easy for you to help with the voting that will help A.Skate Foundation win a grant from Pepsi for $50,000 to keep putting on clinics that help children with Autism through skateboarding. Check out the site and see how you can help.


Tuesday 25 With Rick McCrank

09.19.2011 //

Here’s your Tuesday 25 with one of our favorite Canadians, Mr. Rick McCrank. Enjoy.

Screen shot 2011-09-18 at 10.47.52 PM

Chris Nieratko Video For A.Skate Foundation

09.18.2011 //

Our buddy, Chris Nieratko, lets you know why you need to help support the A.Skate Foundation. And also find out how you can win a trip to California to skate the Berrics and work a day at Deluxe by helping them.

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